Hangover Type indicative of CFS?

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When you were well (before you got CFS), what Type of Hanover did you get after drinking alcohol?

  1. Felt best at start of day, and worse as the day went on

  2. Felt worst at start of day, and better as the day went on

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    When you were well, before you got CFS, how did your hangovers behave?
    Did you feel best at the start of the day and decline as the day wore on? Or did you feel your worst just after getting up, and then improve over the course of the day?

    I am not suggesting that alcohol or hangovers cause CFS! And I recognize that many of us are alcohol-intolerant. [I was completely intolerant during my first year or so of having CFS]

    But rather, I wonder if there could be a dysfunctional physiology that causes CFS that might also reveal itself in a particular Hangover Style, one where you feel worse rather than better as the day progresses.

    There is some research hypothesizing that CFS could be caused by "a metabolic switch" and "problems with mitochondrial energy production.” The work of Bob Naviaux of UCSD, Ron Davis of the Open Medicine Foundation, McGregor and Armstrong et. al. in Australia, Maureen Hanson at Cornell, and Fluge and Mella in Norway suggest that problems producing energy could, in fact, be causing the physical and mental fatigue in ME/CFS.

    And it made me think about how alcohol is converted into energy and waste products by the body. [c.f., Alcohol and Mitochondria: A Dysfunctional Relationship, Gastroenterology. 2002 Jun; 122(7): 2049-2063.]

    Could there be any correlation between ‘Hangover Type’ and CFS? What if “Hangover Type” could be an indicator of possible trouble ahead from CFS?

    [I am a rare case of someone who, when hungover, gets worse as the day progresses. Unlike most people -- everyone I've ever known -- who feel their worst just after getting up, and improve over the course of the day. It's been pointed out to me how odd my Hangover Type is, and then we conjectured a possible connection with CFS, due to the physiological energy aspects.]