hannah went peacefully.so did i

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  1. tejanya

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    i held her till she went to sleep. then the vet gave her the other shot. i held her or caressed her til there was no more breath. it was hard.but neccesary. i toldf her yesterday she would hurt no more after today. she was named for hannah of the bible. her pups were samuel and rebecca and others of biblical names. her nephew is eli. also from the bible. hannah was told she was a gift from God and she showed it too. the scripture today before we went to the vet, was eli passing. this was the confirmation i needed for the action being taken. thank all of you for your prayers and heart felt love. sorry some were reminded of the lose in there life. colossians 1:12 says we all cross each others paths. this is such a blessing. just like the people on this line.
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    We put my childhood dog down just a few months ago. I was there with 6 other family members. It was amazing how peacefull she went. She was 20 years old, and was the best dog I ever knew! I read all the postings and I am presently crying. Animals have such wonderfull hearts, and they are sent from god! I know how difficult it is to feel the life go out of your dog, your best friend, in someways it is amazing and peacefull, but also so strange and different. My thoughts are with you! Love joy
  3. MamaR

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    your story was so sad, but peaceful. I am glad that you have this peace and you are handling it this well.

    With love....MamaR
  4. Musica

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    on you and Hannah. Your post so poignantly speaks of your sadness but also your love and confirmation from God that this was the right thing to do. Hannah will leave pawprints on your heart and you will never forget how special she was.
  5. ilovecats94

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    I'm glad that you were able to find peace with God for the passing of Hannah. That is just so hard to watch them go. I'm sure Hannah is thanking you now.

  6. hagardreams

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    May God give you peace. I am still praying for you, Hannah is running and playing as we speak, its us that hurt. Please take care of yourself and when you are up to it, honor her in your own special way. God bless you, Julie