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    Okay, I'm probably crazy to start a post with that title, when we all have so many struggles to deal with. But I'm wondering what things you find in your life that bring you pleasure?

    For me, so much of the time it's visual beauty. Right now I'm looking out onto the beautiful shades of blues and purples on the crystallized snow. The colors startled me when I looked out the window to the vividness of the bright blue sky and the more subtle light and shadows on the ground.

    I find that looking for these things during the day strengthens me, and I feel more alive, and that there is more to me, my identity, and more to the world than just illness.

    Looking forward to hear of anything that gives you small pleasures or a sense of goodness in the midst of it all.
  2. springwater

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    its our new year from today and only fitting that i should

    find a post from an angel to inspire me for this coming year..

    thank you

    as i write this i am feeling so very grateful for having come

    out of five days continuous migraine like pains in head from

    flu and that too right on the heels of a bout of food poisoning.

    today i feel wonderful. hv been able to do all that i needed

    to...and am getting ready to go to the monasteries and relatives.

    there are all the anxieties and situations still persisting which

    made me sad before and yet right now they are not bothering

    me...the sun is shining and i look forward to meeting life head

    on..and all that it brings...want to up my meditations and carry

    on with all the spiritual therapies out there

    want to use as many mins of my time as i can seeking to improve

    my mind and body and see what all i can do to help whosoever

    i can....

    how beautiful your description of the snow! yesterday i watched

    a utube of a girl who paints heaven as she sees it; truly gifted

    portraits - she was given the gift from baby hood ..visions etc

    and at fifteen what a beautiful lady inside and out....the way

    she speaks...marvellous!


    God Bless
  3. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Lifting up a prayer for you for this brand new time in your life.

    Especially for your deepest self. For self-love which is different, really the opposite of selfishness. For hope in all you are doing. You are so persistent
    and persevering in your life. And you might not see that, how well you do,
    since we didn't receive those words in childhood.

    Prayer for you to see all the beauties around you, even if they are tucked
    away in the midst of chaos.

    I remember once how you described walking at night and brushing against the branch of a fragrant plant or tree, and it was wet and cool with rain and
    the lovely scent.

    Such a little moment, and it's stayed in my mind all these years, as a gift.

    Praying for your writing which gives joy to others. You are so able at
    capturing......everything. lol. People, parrots, pigeons, monastaries, buses
    in all the tumultuousness of busy streets.

    I came across a post of yours recently, catching up on the Porch posts,
    and you had described a Georgette Heyer novel. I was laughing so hard
    as for a long paragraph or two you told the whole looong, over-complicated
    plot. I'm laughing now.

    Please take care of yourself, Spring. You're having to jump right into all
    the ceremonies and rituals of New Years. Right after that nasty flu and
    food-poisoning. I hope you drank/will drink lots of fluids to make up for
    what you lost. Electrolytes!

    I'm looking forward to watching that youtube on the girl who paints heaven.

    What kind of saying or greeting do you give people for New Years?
  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Tashi Delek!

    Means Good luck.


    inverter batt running low ...

    so take care

    God Bless
  5. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Tashi Delek to you and to your family. Take good care of yourself in this busy season.
  6. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Springwater - that was such a fantastic description of your trip to the Monastery. Pine and Maple trees, poppies, golden light and butterflies around a waterfall. Reading that was like getting a good meal!

    I love reading books of Memoirs, of the kind where people draw from their journals and diaries of the everyday things in their life. Also books of letters. There is a double blast of enjoyment. From the things themselves that are capured in words, and the beauty and delectation of the words themselves.

    You certainly had a day of extremes on your New Years first day. I'm so sorry and grieving for the pain that your niece suffers, and you and all your family, and her husband and child who suffer along with her.

    God! If only your country and city had more help to give in the way of psychiatric care. One of my best friends has bi-polar disorder, it is a milder form that causes mostly depression, but her brother has more manic episodes.

    And another friend who is a pastor - her husband has severe bi-polar with many similarities to your niece's behavior. It is a cruel, cruel disease, caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Just like depression is a lack of serotonin, and other neurotransmitters.

    I remember reading an article written by (I think) the actress Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the Superman movies. She wrote about her bi-polar disorder. She was so sick that she just wandered away from her house, and after days came to herself all dirty and confused and bedraggled. I think that was when she realized or admitted how serious it was.

    The article went on to say how she researched the illness, and ended up finding a balance of mind by giving her body extra doses of vitamins and supplements that are lacking in a person with bipolar. I'm so glad that she shared her story, as it brought out into the open the reality of what it is to have BPD.

    Usually it is lithium that helps even out the manic phases. And some other drugs/medicines. I'm going to research the actress and others to see if there is any info. on homeopathic types of nutrients, herbs or whatever that are more readily found in your country.

    Do you know what kind of medicine she has been given? How I wish I still had that article! But thank God for the internet, and the valuable information we can find there.

    Spring, take care of yourself. I know you are dealing with so much in your life! You are in my prayers, and also your niece, ever since she was in school in America, and your elder brother, and your dear children, and your doggies :)
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    I swiped the 'God Bless' that you use to end your posts. Plagiarism! :)
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    Could you give me the first name of your niece for my prayers? It feels right to me to name her in prayer, especially if a person is lost to a disease such as this. They are more than the disease, but held captive. My intuition tells me to hold her name in a loving way in prayer. If you feel okay in sharing that.

    I was right about Margot Kidder, and so thankful to read just now how well she is doing. She has gone on to make alltogether 50 movies, and many television shows and is a speaker, an advocate for alternative methods for mental illnesses. She calls it 'orthomolecular medicine'.

    She has been institutionalized in the past, and been delusional, heard voices, many, many symptoms. I'm remembering there is another actress, Patty Duke, who also has bi-polar disorder.

    And a friend of mine read a book by a pastor who wrote about her bi-polar sufferings. She eventually found a good combo. of medicines and continued to be a pastor. My friend bought many copies to give to leaders like her pastor, and others to enlighten them.

    It's good to gather information to hear people's experiences, and what they found that helped them. I know you don't have much computer access, so I'll pass on stuff to you. It's interesting to me too, how many people and Dr's are combining traditional meds. with alternative.
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thank you for offering to pray for my niece

    again running low on battery (so whats new) with so many
    hours of power cuts, sorry.


    I know your prayers will benefit her.

    Thank you, dear Judy

    God Bless (you can swipe this all you like :) )

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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    In the other thread, describing your plants
    in your new home.

    IM not quite sure what the meds are, I'll try
    and find out and thank you for offering
    to find out the different cures.

    I hv edited my previous post for privacy

    It's so encouraging to hear about

    those ladies who were able to manage
    their condition.

    I've been meditating more often
    and notice I get a high after doing
    Those and start wanting to meditate more.

    IVe also made a resolution to follow a
    Positive only week where I don't read
    Or watch anything sad,scary, terrible
    On tv

    Or let myself dwell on the stressors
    Or in my own life.

    I think it's working.

    I'm beginning to get spontaneous bursts
    Of happiness come out of the blue
    when I'm at my chores.

    I notice them all the more for
    Having been in constant states
    Of feeling low for the longest time.

    The situations are the same,
    This past year one of the
    Most difficult, so what is
    Causing these little bursts
    Of happiness bubbles,for
    Want of a better word, lol?

    I like to think its something
    Inside of me.

    My meditations, my breathing,
    My prayers, your precious prayers all
    Having an effect :)

    God bless

  11. windblade

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    So happy to read your post.

    Have been sick in bed all week. No strength. Still have mold illness on top of CFS.

    will write more when better.

    well done on the news fasts, and your meditation!

    Many strong blessings! Prayers for your son too.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I am wishing it away! Sorry to hear you've
    Been down, Judy.

    Sending prayers and good thoughts to you.

    Not the best state, myself but mine is more
    Sluggishness at the moment. Got the jitters
    Out of nowhere yesterday but it seems to have

    Take care and god bless
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    windblade Active Member

    Had such a good morning today. Last night I had the anxiety state that I always go through whenever I have a Dr.'s appt. But woke up with such lovely energy and focus. You know how that is - the times when for some reason our bodies and minds feel well for a time. Harmonious.

    The Dr. I saw is SO understanding, and warm, and kind. Very capable, yet so human. Not officious or clinical. He's a psychiatrist who just monitors my meds. An AD which does really help with depression. But also I've shared with him how I think my gratefulness practice is the most helpful thing in my life that helps me through hard times and changes, and also is so positive in everyday life. He understands so well, which is a very rare thing.

    I've been doing deep breathing throughout every day. Even when I'm bedridden, I just do slow, very deep breathing from the diaphram. I read in my Qigong book how the oxygen is good for every cell and part of the body, and how the lymph glands get a good workout, removing toxins. You've encouraged me so much with all that you've shared.

    I thought is so wise that you had a "news-fast" as some people call it. Staying away from taking in things that will possibly make your nervous system alarmed, or cause negative feelings. Loved reading about your "bursts of happiness bubbles". :)

    This is our first spring in this house. And I noticed first that the buds on the trees looked fuller. No change in color, but rounder, plumper. Then I started seeing a red haze on the branches. Then yesterday, gloriously, there were so many birds zooming around, and their songs were blissful.

    I have to block out a lot of heavy traffic sound from the busy road we live on now. We made a mistake on that - should have taken into account that loud noise causes my worst PTSD symptoms. I've worked out some solutions to deal with it.

    But today being in my Dr.'s office, which I was dreading, because he's moved to a new place too - on our same busy road but in the next town. But his office was perfectly quiet!!! I could thrive in a place like that. It's further back from the road, and I guess just made so well that no noise penetrates in.

    He told me I should move to a house that faces back - away from the street. We know we have to move anyway because I can't handle the stairs. They are very steep, and so many. Going from the second floor to the third - having the bedroom upstairs, and the kitchen and bathroom downstairs does not work for me. I'm just plain too weak. My husband has to gently push me from my back up the stairs when I have no strength. And I'm not eating well enough, or drinking enough water, not able to follow my Integrative Dr's complex plan for ridding my body of the mold.

    I need to be on the same floor as the kitchen and bathroom. It's essential.

    But not ready at all to think much about it. We still have a huge job to do, unpacking and treating everything we brought with us with mold-killers; even though we threw out about three-quarters of everything in our old house.

    I have your sons and your nieces names on my desk, and have been praying for them much. For your son - for choices of direction in his studies leading to what work he will do. Finding his place in the world. And for finding the things in life that are nourishing to his soul and spirit.

    And for your niece - help in her illness!

    Well, going to rest now. My energy is waning. But so thankful for how the day went.

    God Bless :)
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I thank God for your wonderful doctor

    For your good day

    Those are so precious

    I am praying so hard also for a beautiful suitable

    Place for you to live in.

    My niece has done a 360 degree turn

    She was so improved

    And son has a spring in his step

    Thank you for your prayers

    Take care

    God bless

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  15. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thank you for your prayers for our next place! My husband loves this area, and I think I can do very well if we find a place nearby. It's more urban than I would have liked at first. But there's a quirky charm, and lots of character in the old , large houses, with pillars, and dormers and interesting architecture. I think many have been broken up into apartments, but the whole area is kept beautifully.

    The main thing I need is to be away from a busy road. And to live on one floor. I'm enjoying all the amazing views while we're here though. We're up on the second and third floor, it's like living in the treetops. And the windows are 6'high by 3' wide! I go from room to room taking in the different views. The sky-scapes are mesmerizing in their beauty.

    This morning was thinking about you a lot. My husband has been reading 4 books on Buddhism. One is written by Huston Smith, who has a repution of being one of the main teachers on World Religions. He is delightful. His approach is not just cerebral, but he enters into the reality of the religions he learns about. He has practiced Zen Buddhism for decades, for instance, while still being a christian.

    Anyhow, he used an anology to help Westerners understand the word 'suffering' that the Buddha used in his own language. Smith said it was like a bone in the body being out of joint - disjointed. Or like the hub of a wheel that is not centered properly, and throws everything out of whack.

    And my husband shared also many stories from another book about Tibetan Buddhism in the West. The conversation was glorious!

    I mentioned your cousin's book, and my DH is going to look it up on Amazon.

    This is just what I hoped would happen, when I saw what he was reading, that he would share it with me. He's really good at explaining things, having been a teacher for almost his whole working life.

    We talked for hours, and as I felt it was my first understanding of Buddhist teachings, I gave him a Namaste bow at the end to thank him. :)

    My other understanding of Buddhism comes from seeing people like The Dalai Lama - his humor and wisdom and love. There was another anecdote where HH went on a visit to Mexico to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, (which is a very holy place for me personally).

    He had bodyguards who were actually kind of like thugs; very tough and hardened, and the Dalai Lama ended up befriending them and even hugging them. And they were hugging him back, and even bringing their mothers to him for him to bless them. Lol - I love that story.

    Well, I have a new pot of flowers that I'm learning to grow. Beautiful, cheery, yellow primroses. I've only read about them in English novels. I love tending to these flowers so much! I've been feeling like an uprooted plant myself, having had to leave my house within 24 hours and not even able to go back to pack, and feel/say goodbye to all the trees, animals, birds, flowers and bushes that were woven into my daily life for 21 years!

    So, I'm anchoring myself here with my connections to the new things I am finding.

    What is your daily weather like now?

    Prayers for you and elder brother, son, niece, and all in your family!


  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i had written a long post this early morn and whoosh
    it just disappeared!

    what a skyscape you must be having from your
    windows! north east america is so beautiful! here
    our skies are a bit dulled by the smog..well for most
    part of the year anyways.

    i too have never seen a primrose, only reading about
    them when i was young; always thought thry were
    pink in colour.

    i hope your little primrose flourishes.

    Yes, his HH is a special soul. I am so proud of him.
    His humility and his cheery personality. even when
    he is speaking about something provoking him
    (Tibets political issue) there is not a shred of negativity.
    only a bare stating of facts with a lot of conviction.

    of course that is what you get when you practise the virtues
    and meditate on nonviolence and compassion to the extent
    he has done.

    like the Hindu spiritual teacher Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of
    living. he just radiates serenity and cheer when he talks.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i am so happy you are doing the breathing. what a gift isnt it?
    all this knowledge out there which dont even cost. I am
    doing the EFT for stress and anxiety, Tap for Health and
    EFT for miracles pretty regularly sometimes i get to a level
    where the anxiety is hardly there!the meditations too.

    of course these arent miracle cures..if a miracle were to be bestowed
    there are the poor helpless animals in slaughterhouses or
    poorest of the poor still dying in our streets and in India etc.
    who am i?

    only today i suffered a horrible attack of the dumps, paralysing
    exhaustion of body/mind from 11 morn to just now. luckily i
    had finished making and sending brothers lunch to hospital
    where he having his nth chemo. (yes, he was doing pretty good
    when i saw him last).

    coming back to this exhaustion it was as if something tangible
    just swooped down and engulfed me, stayed on and then suddenly a few
    moments ago just let go...like a heavy blanket lifted...so i hurried
    here and started typing. like six hours was spent in a prison. (shrugging).
    i dont know.

    i feel good now, and have energy and thats what matters.

    yes, about Buddhism. a lot of it makes sense now. like
    non attachment. if one is completely immersed in feelings
    then it becomes difficult when something happens. like
    caring for my brother....if i care for him lovingly
    but with the thought that he is his own person, who has created
    his own path to live rather than that he is the son of my father
    and mother with whom i grew up and shared, it is less painful.

    that is why Buddha taught not to become too attached to anything.
    attachment is pain. we are taught in Pranic healing to view every
    person as a soul first and foremost rather than slotting into
    pigeonholes. relative, friend, colleague, enemy etc. so that
    we as a soul can relate to another soul..in Christianity, they say
    'brother'.maybe this is similar.

    also mindfulness. Buddha taught mindfulness, to live in the present
    moment awareness, so that we dont put emphasis on past and
    brood or future and worry. it is kind of difficult to worry about
    what the kids are going to do in the future, if we are intent on washing
    our dishes and concentrating on the swirl of water, the soap suds,
    the gleam of a shiny pot afterwards...lol!

    and we hv a well washed stack of dishes at the end of it and the
    kids are doing what they are doing and we have had a worry free
    couple of minutes at the end of it. and the satisfaction of a job well
    done. ..hmmm whats gotten into me.

    i was once so fed up and looked up karma and reincarnation. and why
    am i lie this while my friends are like that.

    what i got (according to Hinduism) we are souls, souls are immortal,
    only changing bodies in order to evolve..our karma like debts we create
    in each lifetime..

    if we (soul) borrow money (karma) from someone while we are
    wearing a brown dress (body). if we go meet that person tomorrow
    (another lifetime) , wearing a green dress, we still owe the debt.
    the debt isnt erased because we hv changed clothes and because its
    another day.

    well, it still pains me, why karma, why not extract it that one lifetime
    andhave done with it, but at least it empowers me also, knowing
    i can still shape my future based on my present actions.

    oh dear got carried away...forgive me for rambling.

    i love that your dear husband and you share so many interests,
    books, painting, philosophies, kindness and gentleness of
    hearts. he must be what is called, your twin flame.

    im afraid my dh must be someone i had things to work out with
    so were thrown together inspite of being chalk and cheese.
    still we kind of have sorted a lot of things out and come to a
    point where we dont squabble all the time. and we even do
    little things for each other like i go to his parties even if I dont
    feel like it, and he gets me four jumbo packets of tealeaves
    from india if i say we need one, never mind i dont know where to
    store all those.

    i hope you keep having one good day after another, sometimes
    the thought of those lovely friends (nuns) of yours makes me cry, this
    world is so filled with pain and yet also light.

    take care

    God Bless

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  18. sunflowergirl

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    It's most enlightening and I feel like this post is a quiet oasis in the middle of a noisy, car honking city, a cacophony of pain and stress and anguish.

    I just have to say think you for sharing the YouTube of Akiane. She's a very special young lady. She's definitely turned into Heaven and God. I pray she always stays that way.

    May God bless both of you and heal you,

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    'Eavesdrop' all you want and join in and share too if you like.

    Isnt Akiane just beautiful? Im glad i shared that utube.

    Judy opened this thread so anyone could share what delighted them,
    moved them, gives them happiness, or brightens up their day

    so anyone can drop in and spread the joy. lol.

    God Bless

    P.S. Thank you for the precious prayers for healing.

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  20. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Spring! Thank God you're alright from your fall in the street, and diidn't get hurt. Is the rash that you're having itchy? I have such an itchy rash around my mouth from the mold. And my lips still swell up, though not as severely as 4 months ago.

    I appreciate so much your writing such a long, interesting beautiful post, after losing the long one you had finished and lost!

    I've had a difficult week, some pretty bad depression and ptsd symptoms. I find for that the best thing for me to do is read - mostly novels, and nothing further depressing. At least the focus on the story-line blocks out some of the emotional pain, and gets me through. It's nothing new, just always difficult. So many days I was pondering over things you had written, answering in my head. But couldn't get the strength to get to my computer.

    I wished that I could have just teleported some of the anecdotes and responses to what you were sharing, as I was lying down, and winged them over to you. Wrapped them in a blue and white cloud package, and they could have landed in your pretty garden right there among your sweet-peas. Lol. Speaking of flowers, my yellow primroses had the sweetest, most lovely fragrance today, as new ones had just opened. Still have more thoughts on what you wrote - I know my strength will come back to focus better.

    Do you have a lot of pics on facebook? I always enjoyed your photographs! In the next couple of weeks I will start a FB account - some friends have been wanting to share their family photos and stuff on their pages. I won't have anything on my page at first, but thought I could 'borrow' pics of me that are on other people's pages gradually, until I can unpack and find my photo albumns.

    So glad you are safe, Spring dear.

    Oh, before I forget, my husband asked me to ask you which of the 4 branches of Tibetan Buddhism you belong to.

    Nancy, I love your image of a quiet oasis in the midst of a noisy, chaotic city! So glad that our posts affected you that way. Please join in with us. I'm still waiting for the energy to respond to the other threads. Just reminding myself to be patient, when I can't do what I want to.

    Blessings to both,
    p.s. Spring, Happy Anniversary! How many years?