Happiness, Beauty and Delight

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  1. springwater

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    I did think maybe you were not feeling too
    good. These setbacks of the mind and body
    which come and go, seeming to visit some
    of us more than others.

    i too try and tide these phases over by
    withdrawing from the daily hustle and doing
    only the essentials and losing myself in a
    book or tv.

    I hope you will soon be much better.

    We belong to the Nyingma lineage of Buddhism.
    One of the differences between ours and some
    other sects is our monks are not required
    to take vows of celibacy. they can marry and
    have householder lives.

    however i never bothered to find out about
    other differences since i dont like divisiveness
    in any thing..brings about so much chaos and
    ego clashes.

    i happily step into a kagyu or gyelugpa monastery
    if they are nearby and indeed hv experienced so much
    peace and tranquility in their surroundings, i cannot
    understand when my brothers start clucking disapprovingly
    if i tell them i did so.

    We all worship Lord Buddha and all of the sects believe
    the Divine is within each of us so why not?

    For that matter i love the Lord Jesus too. He, like Buddhha,
    suffered for mankinds sake seeking to free them.

    it helps me, that Master Choa Kok Sui who founded Pranic
    healing says he got his teachings directly from Guru
    Padmasambhava (through inspirations from him) and Guru
    Padmashambhava is the main object of devotion in nyingma
    lineage. I think in spirituality Guru Padmasambhava would be
    known as Ascended Master by the spiritualists.

    My cousins book is a nice read, he writes in a very simple
    style with a lot of irreverent humour..im sure our elders would
    be scandalized if they read his book, he is very saucy. which
    is why he connects to so many westerners.

    Another book which may interest your husband and is
    rather more detailed is Yongey Mingyur Rinpoches The
    Joy of Living...it seems to be, along with my cousins book,
    one of the staples of the bookstore out here with one
    adorning the front windows of every store. He tries to
    connect modern quantum physics and neuroscience with
    the method of reaching inner peace which Buddha taught.
    He too has adopted a very easy style, full of humour,
    although his subject matter makes the book a more intellectual
    read than Dzongstar Khyentses book.

    I love that the younger generation of Buddhist monks/teachers
    dont seem to find the need to be severe and deadly serious
    all the time whether in their sermons or writings.

    My rash comes and goes and i will go see a doctor for it if
    it does not completely recede soon. My mood too could do
    with improvement, that feeling of 'low energy and tiredness'
    but i tried yesterday to do mindfulness therapy and managed
    to clean some, and feed my middle brother who came to
    get some clothes my son has outgrown without really wearing

    today i feel much better, more energy. let me see how it goes.

    Oh it was our 25 th anniversary i think..thank you for the wishes,

    God Bless

  2. Doznclan3

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    Long time no write again. It is good to see a couple of familiar faces on here.
    So, did you start a fb account? I would love to see you on fb. I have so many pictures it isn't funny. I mostly have just family, but a few friends on there. I can't believe I don't come on and say hi more. I am on a chicken forum. lol..remember I had started hatching chicks? I have been so busy doing that. I just hatched some for a friend here in town. I hatch, get my pick, then they go back to who I am selling for, or I sell the rest. I've had so much fun seeing all the different kinds of chickens out there! A lot of different breeds now. I have a blast with those little fuzzy butts as we chicken folks say.
    My health was not so good during the winter! Our cold was bad. The coldest in years, with the single and minus degrees. I lost two chickens to it. My head was feeling it pretty bad. The clouds coming and going for the storms..oh boy. We had a lot of snow down here in our valleys. Sounds like you have had your problems too. What's this about mold? Oh dear. :(

    Hey Spring..you are still here too! How about Rainbow? Ever see her pop in?

    I have to come back on here and see what's up more often..I think I said that last time, but then winter hit..big time! Spring is coming! It's March, no more single digit weather, just rain here and there. Will be great. My tulips are coming up! Wish I could post a picture here. Maybe I will try again, but it's been impossible for me before.
    I sure do remember some good conversation on here. I remember that I loved you all here..take care! Cynthia
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    So great to see you back!

    This winter is pretty snowy, there, isn't it?

    I forgot even Judy asked about Facebook. I am not
    Active any more tho Ido still hv my account.

    And I would love to hv you and. Judy in my
    Friends a/c.

    I too hv piCtures there. Lots of them but from
    Almost a year back.

    Take care

    God bless
  4. ameilie73

    ameilie73 Member

    Walking through wet grass with bare feet
    walking along the beach with bare feet and digging my toes into the sand
    laying on my back in the summer night and looking up at the stars (catching a shooting on is an added bonus)
    Sitting or standing on the beach and looking out into the ocean.
    Floating in warm water.
    The smell after a dry spell and its just rained.
    First time i step out in a summer dress.
    Laughing with my friends until my eyes water and my stomach hurts
    holding my niece and nephews hands
    stepping in the front door of my sisters and being greeted by my niece and nephews ( must be how a celebrity feels)
    Waking through the woodland on a summers day and the sun streams through the trees looking like heaven
    falling asleep covered by my niece and nephews all piled on top of me on the sofa.
    My friends german shepard greeting me by standing on his back paws and putting his front ones around me.
    Sitting in the park with my little dog in the summer, just me and him on the hill.
    Eating or should i say indulging in chocolate(even though i'll pay for it later)
    My bed
    waking up after sleeping hip hip hooray!
    Snuggling in my teddy soft blanket laid out on the sofa in the cold winter.
    Getting in a warm shower after coming in from the cold

    Falling in love (although its been a while, but it still seems to be quite popular ;-)
    A film or program that makes me laugh out loud
    Bumping into friends from my childhood
    Dancing like no ones watching ( which is a good thing because the way i dance someones bound to lose an eye)
    The sight of a sexy mans forearms (i dont know must be the thought of them wrapping them around me) lol
    Listening to my favorite music,
    watching justice be done
    Anything involving my niece nephews, friends, and animals

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  5. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Oh my, what a gift your wonderful words have been to me!

    Just giving such a strong glow to my heart.

    I have to fight off all the time being self-critical or negative, so I'm just savoring and treasuring the positive things that you said.

    I wanted to say also that I love the kinds of things that you describe on the Lounge on Chat. Like the snow covering one side of the tree trunks and branches. And the gold finch's tufts as it changes it's feathers in the spring.

    Those are exactly the kinds of things that I look out for everyday. They bring me so much joy, and you capured them so well! I'm mostly indoors, but pay attention to every kind of weather, the light as it slants around the room and highlights my flowers, the birds, trees, clouds, sky colors. So much goodness.

    There was someone who wrote a post a long time ago - not sure if it was you - about growing string beans inside. That sounds just like something I would do.

    I was just going to grow Heavenly Blue Morning Glories inside up the blinds of our tall 6' windows. But my husband reminded me that we have to move - so maybe in our next place. LOL - I was trying to figure out what to use for a trellis.

    Did you get your Nook reader yet?

    Keeping you in prayer for all your needs, and so thankful for your prayers.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Loving this thread.

    Judy I keep praying for the rrrright house for you. With everything
    the way you need it to be for your health issues.

    Leah - sometimes I read your descriptions of life outside your window
    just to feel good, when I'm bogged down. They take me to a place of
    beauty, happiness and delight. (Judy's title) and also trigger a strange
    bittersweet sensation of longing for something just out of reach, a place
    I sense is there, if oly I knew how to open the door and get in.

    Amelie - so many descriptions, I identified with so many. Thank you.
    the dancing, the cuddling in fluffy blanket on a cold snowy day, the
    walk to the top of hill.....aaaaaah.

    I might add cool breezes on the face on a warm summers day, and
    Blustery strong winds in autumn sending leaves spiraling.

    I love wind. Even strong torrential ones. It gives me a thrill to
    watch storm winds bend trees and scatter rain. Oh dear I accidentally
    wrote strong winds bed trees and had to go back and correct. Imagine
    offspring of a mating between swirling passionate winds and frantically
    swaying trees...a wild flighty wood sprite I would imagine :)

    I've gone and made myself laugh out loud and chuckle and DH has
    Poked his nose out of the covers and peering at me suspiciously out
    of bleary eyes. Woken him up and he is wondering if I've gone off my

    God Bless

  7. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    AMELIE, your list of the things that give you pleasure and enjoyment was fantastic! It made me feel so alive just reading them.

    Brought back so many good memories - like walking along the ocean feeling the cool of the water arriving then receding. That soothing, lullaby sound of waves that just wraps up your whole being, and empies out the unessentials.

    JAM- yes, the people who pick and harvest our foods. I don't know much about migrant workers, but enough to know how difficult their lives are.

    Sometimes when I'm eating organic goat yogurt, I just get into a reverie picturing the goats so well cared for, the fields with sweet grasses for them to eat. And the people who choose to care well for these animals, giving them a good life, and us such nourishing food.

    SPRING - I was laughing with you - still chuckling now at your wild, roaring, thrashing wind 'bedding' the trees. LOL - a wild wood spirit indeed would be born.

    Did you ever read the "Narnia" books by C.S. Lewis? They have centaurs, and fauns, talking animals and witches, nyads and dryads, and in the midst of this, cosy English teas and breakfasts. Seven books in a series. They were written for children, but are for all ages.

    I discovered them in my 20's, and read all of them to my Grandma when she was 90! We had such fun with them. Also C.S. Lewis wrote so much about that bittersweet, piercing longing where we feel if only we could open up or get to the place where it originates. To feed that hunger. You expressed it so well.

    Lewis opened up that place in these stories.

    They made movies about them, but are not as good at all as the splendid books. You just know you belong in Narnia. It appeases heart-longings.

    LEAH - loved your mallard ducks in the springtime pond outside your house. I could just revel in the patterns and colors on those ducks for an hour, at least.

    We used to have a mother and father mallard duck from a little stream 4 houses down from us. A neighbor put up a little wooden sign on her front lawn "Duck Crossing", so cars would slow down and drive carefully.

    So many days I heard them walking along the lawns on our block, one always walking behind the other, just meandering and quacking/nattering along. So endearing!

    Take care all - many blessings of good things,