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  1. fibromickster

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    I hope everyone has a safe, wonderful 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!! I also pray for all of our military that are risking their lives to keep us safe!!!!!!!!

  2. Granniluvsu

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    Thanks for the reminding us all about the celebrating of our freedoms this July 4th and what all those great people who signed that Dec. of Independance so many years ago. . Yes, and may we all pray for all the wonderful men and women in harms way this holiday.

    I feel many of us take this for granted these days since we have been kept safe. I hope it all continues to be so. There are so many scary things going on in our world today.

    God bless us all and God bless America !!


  3. jole

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    Ditto what you two said......Huggggs...Jole
  4. sisland

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    Here's hoping that we all have a great independence day!,,It's always so nice to see the firework displays and eat that good ole watermelon!,,,And God Bless our Troops!!,,,,Sis