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    Hi there, Kim!

    25 years!! Terrific! I hope you and your dear husband have a wonderful celebration...and the metalic (doesn't look like the right spelling...) taste leaves.

    But, you alway have the option of covering it with Marti and Rita or Ben and Jerry. (-: Maybe both? Or neither! How are you sleeping with Lunesta? I'm thinking about asking my doc to let me try it as I'm not sleeping worth anything. Same tune, different day. Sigh.

    I am actually doing better than I thought I'd do after this last trip. But, I am so happy to be home. Don't think I could take another day of visiting. You know how that goes.

    How have you felt lately? Is unpacking done? Seems like life doesn't stop because we don't feel good...not too fair, I think. But, no one asked me what I think when the rules were made.

    Have a lovely evening...I do hope you can go out to dinner, but I wouldn't blame you for postponing it until you can enjoy it. No use wasting the time and money when all tastes like a tin can.

    Congrats and Hugs,
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    Hey Kim! Where are you? (-:
  3. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Where are you?
  4. fivesue

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    Thank you my, oh so dear, friend!

    I have been having my hair colored all day, really, and just got home!

    We had a very nice evening, and we are going out tonight! I hooked up with Vod K. Tonic last night and it was most pleasurable! He hasn't been around in a LONGGGGGGGGG time!

    I did not take the Lunesta last night. Going out to dinner was a BIG priority!

    So happy you are home and feeling better than the last trip! Oh yes, I do know what you mean about coming home!

    Thank you again! You are a sweetie!

    Much love,


  6. fivesue

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    On your anniversary? My, you live on the wild side! I guess I'm going to have to find myself a new "interest" also...must keep up with you youngins'! (-:

    So glad it was a nice evening and that you are going to dinner tonight. I have heard that Lunesta does that; I'm going to my PCP tomorrow and I'm going to ask him about trying it. I'm tired of sleeping very poorly. But! I don't want a metaclic taste in my mouth, that's for sure. I'll see what happens. Guess it can't hurt to try.

    My husband and I add our years of marriage together...I was married the first time for 21 years and he was for 27. If we add our 5, we come up with 53! Pretty good for a couple of 58 year olds, don't you think? Of course, Jim will only be 58 for 4 more days...the big 59 is on him.

    Yes, we're odd at times...(-: Makes sense to us so that's all that matters.

    Take care, dear friend. Have a wonderful dinner.


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