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    Many people have forgotten that You are actually the reason for the season......

    Many people here DO remember !

    Blessings ,

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  2. jole

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    Thank you this day for a love so big that You sent Your only Son to live and share the Word with us sinners. Without the babe Jesus, we would not have the redemption or chance of eternal life with You.

    Be with all of us this day as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and especially with those who do not believe. It's hard for me to understand how they exist without the knowledge and belief of your love....but I know you still love them as you do all your children, and would welcome all with open arms if they proclaim their love and belief.

    Please keep all our families safe this Holiday Season, and know we have you foremost in our minds and hearts***Jole***
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    For all that You have given to me . You are the author of all that is good in this world. Thank you for remembering me and loving me through everything. It is Your Grace that has covered me many times. I pray that I may become closer than ever to You and Your Word this year. My present to You for Your Birthday: giving You all that I can.