happy Birthday Loopyloo

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loopyloo, May 3, 2003.

  1. loopyloo

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    It is my birthday on sunday 4th May and i will be 42 so i'm going to try not to be stressed out and enjoy the day and relax with my family unless Penny my Daughter in law goes into Labour she only has 3 1/2 weeks till the baby is due, i dont know if this weekend is a bank holiday in the USA as it is in the UK if it is i would like to wish every one a Happy Holiday
    love from Loopyloo xxx
    ((((((((((Big Hugs)))))))))
  2. goingslowlycrazy

    goingslowlycrazy New Member

    I hope you have a lovely day and get waited on hand and foot!
    It sounds like you could do with a bit of pampering after the rotten time you have been having!
    How exciting about the baby - will this be your first grandchild?
    Have a really nice day hunny,
    Mary x
  3. mustgetwell-uk

    mustgetwell-uk New Member

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday. I cant believe you are going to be grandmother, being only 42. Also congratulations on getting your disability allowance. How long did it take you to get accepted? I only work 2 days a week due to my ME/CFS. I wonder whether I may be eligible to get anything, my husband works 3 days a week.
    Anyway, Have a great birthday and Bank holiday.

  4. fibrorebel

    fibrorebel New Member

    I hope you have a great day and as pain free as possible!
    Congrats on the new Grandbaby. Maybe she will be born day after yours so she can share your celebration of life for many years. Enjoy!!! love, Rebel
  5. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Hope you have a great birhday today. Do something special, you deserve it. Enjoy that new baby when he/she arives, it will be so much fun.

    Best wishes,
  6. loopyloo

    loopyloo New Member

    Thanks everyone,
    i got some lovely presents and penny is starting to get small pains so maybe she will go into labour later you never no, were all going out for dinner later to a calvery that will be nice lots of meat, my husband Dennis bought me a beautiful cross and chain the cross has diamonic in the middle and shaped gold round the sides looks sort of frilly like filergre its lovely i have been spoilt today and thank you all for my birthday wishes were did the little cake come from i didn't see it before i'm sure it wasn't here in the week is it new.

    love from loopyloo xx