Happy Birthday Patrick Kelly (hubcap halo)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by confetti11, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. confetti11

    confetti11 Member

    For those of you who remember him and didn't know, today is his birthday. We met on this board. Happy Birthday, my friend. You are missed.
  2. roge

    roge Member

    hi , is the guy who committed suicide?

    if so , so sad and rest in peace my friend

    also, what was his user name - was it hubcap?

    i have been here since 2007 but dont post as much but i remember a guy with that ID or something similar and he had some great posts

    he mentioned how he had long periods of remission but then got bad again

    he moved to New York city as well at some point ?

    is this the guy?



  3. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    He shouldn't have had to feel his only way out was suicide. I just hope and pray he's in a better place now.
  4. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Aw, Patrick.