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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KCD, May 14, 2003.

  1. KCD

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    I need to vent. I am 35 today. I have FMS. We are moving to Louisiana soon. My husband is starting work there on the 26th of May. I get to take care of 3 kids, ages 8,7,3, and the packing and the huge garage sale, etc. Heavy sigh....I know I will only get through this one way...that is on my knees!!! Please pray for me.

    KCD aka Valerie
  2. AnnG

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    Prayers going out to you! I had a horrid Bday this year so, this is my advice to you: YOU make it happy!! Go out for ice cream, eat at your favorite restaurant, buy yourself something. In the frenzy of moving, don't let your day go by unnoticed. And, happy, happy birthday!!!!!
  3. loopyloo

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    Valerie you will get through this because you have to, make your Birthday special even if you dont feel like it
    ((((((((((big hugs))))))))))))
    for the Birthday Girl
    love from Loopyloo xx
  4. goingslowlycrazy

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    I saw a child in a supermarket last week, crying and bawling cos she was just tired and didn't want to be there. I commented to the check out girl that if every woman in the shop who felt the same way, allowed themselves to scream and cry, we wouldn't be able to hear ourselves think!!!
    It is real hard holding it together for everyone else when you feel like you are falling apart - I am right with you there.
    All you can do, is do what you can do and no more. You know what will happen if you keep on pushing over the edge - remember how we got here in the first place?
    Try and keep looking at the positives (there must be some...LOL), a nice new house, a new area to explore, and try and get the kids to help you as much as possible.
    And maybe your next birthday will be better - in fact, tell them all that next year you want DOUBLE birthday to make up for this one!!!!
    let us know how the move goes,
    Mary x
  5. lorgirls

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    My wish for you is that your packing will be over soon. Just look foreward to that day when its all done and you can rest. Make a plan to totaly pamper yourself that day. When I have hard work and big projects ahead I plan for my day of rest. Tell your family that on that day you intend on doing absolutly nothing. Take care,,,,,,,,Lori
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    Happy birthday, Valerie!

    Secondly, I had to do this about a year ago! We moved our household cross country from California to Kansas. The one thing that helped was starting the packing process early. I packed two boxes a day, that's all, so I wouldn't burn out & end up flaring. Sounds like you need to pack quicker than that since the end of May is fast approaching, so can your 7 & 8 year-olds be of any help with the non-breakable packing? And do you have in your neighborhood any high-schoolers you trust that you can pay to help pack (like maybe a baby-sitter you have, for example?)---much cheaper than paying a moving company to pack, but it would let you be more in a supervisory role, than actually doing the hard labor. You could concentrate on more personal packing & lighter stuff.

    Do you have pets to move? I found a great service that moves pets cross country, if that's an issue. Our two cats weren't about to ride long days in the car like maybe a dog would, so I utilized this service & they did an excellent job. Wasn't cheap, but our cats arrived in excellent shape and it allowed me to concentrate on other things & have peace of mind.

    My experience with the move was pretty smooth! I never did flare, surprisingly, and it went better than expected. I didn't stress over getting the new house in order right away, or unpack in a hurry, I just tried to take my time (and, in fact, we still have a bunch of boxes that aren't unpacked). I think it's kind of amazing that we get through a lot of things remarkably well when we HAVE to, so I'm hoping it goes as well for you!!

    Good luck & enjoy your new home,