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    Praise God for giving us his son who sacraficed SO MUCH for us because he loves us so much.
    May your Easter be filled with joy, sunshine, love and may you all be surrounded by family.
    -I know with myself, I will make the effort to forget all my woes, appreciate everything around me, and know that my true sufferings are nothing compared to what Jesus Christ suffered when he sacraficed his life for all our sins.
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    To think He died on the cross to redeem us. A cruel and terrible death. And on the third day He arose and ascended to the Father. All glory and praise to the Father for loving us so much.

    I feel so loved and blessed. Even though I have miseries it is so wonderful to know that one day this body will be new again and I will have no more pain. I will be whole again and will have the joy of worshipping and praising Jesus Christ our Lord.

    And His children say Amen.

    I hope each one here has a wonderful Easter and I hope your pain and sickness is much relieved. That is my prayer for all my brothers and sisters in Christ and in these illnesses that we all here on this board share.

    May God bless and keep you.
    In Jesus Christ