Happy Holidays all... Update, please read and comment

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    Hi Everyone! Haven't been around much with things being busy. Things have been ok. The sleep has been better on the Trazadone(50mg at night) and the pain meds(Tramadal 50mg in the am) has helped at work. I just started Vicoden for after work at 5/500mg. I am waiting to see if my insurance will cover my new script for Provigil for energy.

    My lack of energy seems to be my #1 complaint right now. The other meds seem to be managing my sleep/pain to levels I can deal with.

    I might be starting work in Maryland next week working some crazy hours. What do you recommend for energy that I can do on my own? I'm goin to be workin 10-12 hour days Mon-Thursday and 5 hour days on Fridays. Plus I'll have a 4 hour commute on Mon and Fri so I'll need something to boost my energy durring this timeframe.

    Any advice would be great.

    Happy Holidays

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    I take Calcium Pyruvate 1000mg every day. I usually take it about an hour before I go out for a walk (or at least when I try). It seems to help me with energy.