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    OK....Im not so happy today. When I started my new job I LOVED the idea of uniforms because it made life so much easier...NOW I got hit up with no more uniforms...we have to wear casual dress atire which is FONE BUT no low cuts, form fitting, etc. Not that I have all these real low cut things and tight fitting shirts, its just that they basically want you dressed like a nun all up the neck and all. NOW I have to go out shopping and I DONT have the money. I spend money on beige pants (3 pairs) because thats the pants you ahve to wear for spring summer and I JUST BOUGHT 3 pairs black pants because thats what you have to wear in the fall/winter with the uniform shirt. OK...SO NOW I HAVE ALL THESE PANTS...and I have No shirts to go with them. The ones I do may be perceived as being "too low cut" because they are V-necks.
    Im frustrated...I really dont have the extra money right now...we are buried in credit card debt too.
    Any advice? I have NO CLUE what to buy.

    HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE! Ill try. Im hurtin' from the weather so this should make my mood even better today...now add in all the rushing around with the kids after work today and oh boy am I going to be in a mood later.

    I hope all of you ahve a better day! Mine will be overflowing with stress.

    HUGS 2 all!
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    Happy hump day back....

    The weather here in Ontario sucks and I'm in pain too but it is Wednesday and after that only two more days.

    I have an idea for the tops. I go to the Good Will/Salvation Army shops all the time. You can get some tremendous deals. Sweaters, shirts, etc. It's great place for many things. My husband is a teacher and is always looking for ties. At .99cents for silk, he's got as many as he wants.

    All the best...I hope you feel better.

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    Happy hump day back to you.

    I hope it's not as stressful as you thought it might be.

    As for your shirts....

    Check out the lost and founds in your area. That is were I
    get my shoes and gloves. They don't match but they're real cheap. lol

    Just kidding, I don't have a real suggestion exept for what the previous poster said.