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  1. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    Wishing all a very happy day despite the cold and damp weather (well, at least it is here anyway).
    Im hurting somewhat today but since I started Chiropractic care oddly enough the fibro seems to have been controlled soemwhat and Im greatful. The end of the days that I work are hard for me. My legs swell and I get alot of pain in them. Not sure why, Im not over weight but I do have bad veins in my legs so Im assuming thats why. SOme of it too is the fibro...the burning sensation and the deep throbbing.

    so we shall see how much more the chiro care will continue helping the fibro...the greatest test will be when it gets freezing cold and theres snow on the ground. But again, I am greatful that the pain has been minimal and I have been off my daily overdoses of Liquid extra strength Advil for over two weeks now. Praise God for that. I hurt my back and irritated my herniated disc last thursday caring my 9 yr old out of the lab from getting her blood tests done. She almost passed out poor baby. Come friday I could barely move. But my boss (the chiropractor) adjusted me twice on Friday and after about an hour after the second adjustment I was good to go and had a minimally painful weekend. The only pain I felt was the fibro not my back. He told me to never do that again and avoid lifting all weekend and turning the wrong way getting into and out of the van. I feel very good today in that aspect and did by Saturday morning.

    Im also wishing everyone a safe, pain-free, smooth sailing week. I know I have my hecktick week ahead and Im hoping for Friday sooner than later.

    HUGS to all! Be well, be safe, be happy and healthy...God bless everyone!

  2. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    Hi Diane:

    Happy Monday to you too. Well I can at leats say for today that I woke up relatively pain free....The barometer is finally on the rise here is western NY, thankfully I am not one of the people in Buffalo (60 miles west) digging out and still without power. It was cold here this morning, but what a glorious sunrise.

    Walked my 11 year old daughter to the bus stop. The trees are beautiful.... I am hoping for a pain free week. I can relate to your back problems. The past 6 weeks I have been living in the chiros office. Reinjured my lower back in late August and than teh MPS trigger points flared. This last week has actually been the best in almost two months. Just some shoulder pain and one knot on my lower back near my hip that is giving me a bit of trouble. I see the chiro next week, hopefully that will work out most of the kinks.

    Pace yourself during your upsoming hectic week....Stay healthy too...and Happy Monday..


  3. ABLUV

    ABLUV New Member

    for the good wishes! Hey, if you want to relieve some stress click on the thread called "Share-a-joke" and laugh!
    I've been enjoying it so much!
  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Just wanted to let you know that although I don't always read your posts (too tired)... they do always make me smile.

    It's so nice to see your happy day threads!


    Nancy B
  5. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    It is a happier Monday for me! I had been in such a lousy flare the last couple weeks...and over the weekend I seemed to have turned a corner..and I woke up this morning feeling my NORMAL lousy...not that wicked lousy!LOL I may even be able to get something done this week...Last week included LOTS of chair sitting...So hoping to be able to be a bit more functional this week! YAHOO!

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