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    Hey everyone!!!! Im WORE OUT!! 5 days in Disneyland for Christmas and 5 Days ALONE with my wife at the cabin! Oh and also 1500 miles on the truck!! I hope all had a good holiday season!Did Santa bring you what you wanted? I saved my spare change and some of the money from the Christmas tree lot and bought my wife a diamond necklace and ear rings!!!! WOW was she suprised!! My Profile has the D-land pic on it. For those who dont know me Im BigBri. I am usually on the Arth. Board.I took a break from posting, Im going to try to be more regular again. OK the pic--I am on the far left with the blue shirt, My son is on the far right,My wife and daughter are kneeling and of course my brother in law and sister in law in the middle.Char,Alray,Cath and Pam Did you all hear me praying for you!!!. Oh my God do I have the laundry today, And my truck is a mess!! Talk soon-- Brian
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    Oh boy!!!-- I got a new pair of sunglasses,Two long sleve shirts, some Mickey Mouse shirts and CHOCOLATE!!.
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    ATTA GIRL!! Congrats to you on your approval!!! I bet that you had the BIGGEST exhale in history when that letter and checks came in!!! My surgery is on the 19th. They are also sending me to a different hospital-- darn! This hospital is my surgens main location, possibly that this time is going to be more intense of a procedure than the others.My paperwork says 23 hr stay. I hope so-- The part that is going to stink about the other hospital is that it is pretty far away and the traffic in that area is horrable. Maybe the Dr. will give me a travel mug with a special cocktail--lol. Talk to you soon, Brian
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    I tell ya I sat at every bench in the park at least twice each day---lol! My body was screaming at me! We did take a break one day and went shopping in L.A.--WHOA those people are very agressive drivers! Thank God I have a GPS in the truck Id still be driving around in circles!! Well got to go tackle the mountain of laundry now. Bubbye for now! Brian
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    Good to hear you had a good holiday.
    I had a good Christmas. My son bought me a new cordless phone. I am on page 2 looking at the diagram and he has it already set up and I can't even figure out the diagram. Then he also bought me windows xp. 1 week later, zillions of pops up saying you can't do that, numerous calls to the isp, running out and buying more ram I am up and running, hobbling whatever lol. Mr. Know it all or thinks he knows it all. My son when I ask a question says play with it and figure it out. Now I have all this stuff popping up and I don't know what it means. I guess as long as there isn't any smoke or fire I am ok eh? I start Humira tommorrow. I hope this works. Went through heck to get approved and the flare to end all flares. It is unseasonably warm here. No snow haven't even had to wear my winter coat yet this winter. Incredible. Love it though. But everyone is sick because we aren't used to it being so warm. Are you ready for your surgery. See I remembered. Good to have you back. If you have extra cash you don't know what to do with you can always send it my way or buy me a diamond necklace. lol.
    Take care.
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    Dear Bigbri:

    I am guessing that you did not ride too many of the "fun" rides at Disneyland or California Adventure? You and me are the kind of people that they put those signs up for...do not ride if you have any neck or back problems?

    We live close to Disney and have annual passes. I have not gone since the fall, but I am guessing we will start our monthly visits soon. Fortunately, my 7 year old daughter is kinda afraid of the faster rides. When she outgrows this problem, I will have to bring her father along...and let him go on the fun rides!

    Hope your surgery goes well.

    Happy New Year.

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    you have a lovely family there, glad you had such a great holiday.

    Hope to hear more from you.