Happy New Year its 12:20 her in Indiana

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    Hi every one Happy New year. Seems I'm always getting on late at night.I've been reading some of the post and came accross some thing that I was wondering about .I take Trazadone for depression and I have'nt gain any weight from it .I've been on it for years .I also take Remeron for depression and the two of them seem to be working very well. Before I started on the Remeron I would get terrible bouts of depression and want to do away with myself. But have'nt felt that way since .
    I also read alot of people taking Neurontin for Neuropathy and the burning and tingling in the fingers and feet.I have a terrible time with my feet and sometimes just hate to think about even stepping on them I also was taking Neurotin for that, but had some very bad side effects. For one I could not stay awake while I was taking the Neurotin. I lost my balance alot and would walk into wall ect.I ask my Doctor about it and they changed it to Baclofen.Well I think it works much better than the Neurotin ,yet I have'nt heard anyone mention that they are taking it or if they ever did.I have no side effects with the baclofen ,my feet still give me fits but they did with the Neurotin also.My restless leg syndrome has stopped completely.I really like it. Just thought someone else may be interested and could ask their Doctor.
    I was having a very bad time with the bowel thing until my Doctor put me on something called Metoclopramide.I take one with breakfast and one before bed. After I would eat my stomach would start to hurt really bad and then it would be off to the bathroom. Well that has all but stopped as well. I still have to get in ther frist thing in the morning ,but the I.B.S. is alot better.
    Sorry to have taken up so much time .Just thought it may be of some help.I'm new to the board but it has already been a God Sent to me. God Bless ,Danisue
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    This board is here for you to express yourself. We who are in the same boat,speak the same language!

    Have had restless legs so bad lately, it is in my arms and back. I too am up late using the board. I go to bed sleep for an hour and I am up again.

    Have a dr's appmt. on Jan 2, hope she will give me something that will help. She is leaving in Feb, so I have to go through getting to know another doctor.

    Happy New Year to you too...... 1maqt
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    Hi Danisue....Happy New Year from TN. Lived in Indiana for about 6 years. Went to nursing school in FT. Wayne. Don't know how you hold up to the cold up there. I thought I was dying there. Could NEVER get warm. I am just now starting on the Nuerontin. Have heard good and bad about it. Being a nurse, I watch all meds side affects closely. Our systems may all be fighting the same disease, but we are all so different. We all react to meds differently. I seem to be highly sensitive to antibiotics. Hope this new year finds you getting a regimen together that works for you to lessen your pain. I do think that Klonipin is a God send. It has helped alot. You are in my thoughts and prayers...peace. Vicque
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    Happy New Year! Where in Indiana do you live? I'm in Carmel. I just started taking Neurontin. My rheumy gave it to me for carpal tunnel syndrome. It's starting to help. I'm in pain in my body most of the time. I take Ultracet for it. I'm going back to work tomorrow after having a hysterectomy last month and I'm also going to go back to exercising. I think that will help too. I hope you have a happy and healthy New Year!

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    Hi Danisue,
    What part of Indiana do you live in? I am trying to find a good Dr. in the Indy area.Any suggestions?
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    Hey.. just wanted to say Hello from Fort Wayne.. Happy New Year to you..

    many blessings,