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  1. springwater

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    thinking of everyone, and wishing all of us a good blessed healthy

    new year.

    love you all

    God Bless
  2. windblade

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    Happy New Year to you too, and blessings to all in your family.

    I was thinking of you this past week when we had a full moon. I always feel uplifted, and comforted and companioned by that moon.

    And I know you feel chaotic, and disturbed and just the opposite. My birthday is right on the cusp of being a 'moon child'. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

    I love the Winter Solstice too - when the light becomes stronger. Although I feel very cozy in the cold weather. We have many huge windows in our current apartment, and the views from the second and third floors are spectacular. Molten sunsets, old houses with a lot of character, clouds and lots of sky scenes. Constant strong light which is very good for killing off any remaining mold spores from our old infected house.

    We still have over 40 cartons of books to unpack! My books are such deep, true companions, so carefully chosen over the years. I'm hoping to be able to save as many as possible, while ruthlessly throwing out whole categories of cookbooks, nature books, some poetry. We have a much smaller place. Then I will get an e-reader, which can't be affected by mold ever.