Happy Thanksgiving to all

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by SPR30, Nov 21, 2007.

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    I know that many of us here are really not up to the challenges that the holidays bring. I know I'm not. However I just cannot let the holidays go by without trying to make the best of them.
    Tomorrow I am cooking a huge holiday meal,from scratch. My wonderful husband will help a lot,but still being on my feet for any length of time (with RA,FMS,etc...) will make me suffer for days afterwards.
    If I didn't make the meal who would? People are relying on me to do it(there are 2 college kids coming,they have nowhere else to go). I am looking forward to it too,I love to cook(my body just won't cooperate).
    So for all of you who are pushing yourselves to make the holiday special for the ones you love,thank you!
    I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. ckball

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    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone here.

    I understand wanting to make it a special day so why don't you let everyone join in and help. Teach them to do it so they will know how to carry on the tradition.

    One can cut potatoes, someone else chop salad, the small ones can set the table, make it fun for everyone. Guests must bring a dessert.

    I am sorry you feel like if you didn't do it no one else would. Do you really feel others would feel let down or is it more like you feel like you let them down?

    We do have to adust to life's changes and letting go of some ideas of the perfect holiday and relax and do the best we can. Some stores sell a wonderful pre-made dinner, then you can spend that time with your loved ones without all the stress.

    I am alone and have been for 13 years, other than the 3 years I took care of my mom. So today she is getting turkey at the nursing home at noon, then I will take her my famous baked spaghetti for dinner. Otherwise she would have hamburgers. She loves my spagehtti and I do too and rarely make it just for me, if I do I make single servings in corning ware and freeze them.

    I hope you have a wonder meal and make everyone clean up, esp the college kids. If we don't teach them how, they will not be able to carry it on. You have earned the right to sit back and delegate- so enjoy it-Carla

    PS if they don't like it- tell them to eat cake and off with their heads! sorry couldn't help myself :)
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    I hope you have a good day as well, ok brain fog I now can't remember which one is missing your hubby because of a death of a uncle. I hope he has a safe trip and get's home soon.

    I join SPR in wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving- Carla