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    Sorry Im a little behind in wishing everyone well...Im trying to get on everyday to just give everyone a pick-me-up for the day.


    Wishing you well and a day thast full of energy and no pain. As far as myself, Im either fighting some sort of bug or my stress has finally taken over physically. I think Im starting a cold on top of it but my stomach has been real bad since the weekend and today I started a slight sore throat and cold symptoms. I know usually when I get sick my body gets all "wierded out" of a few days before the bug actually hits...its been a few days of me "not feeling right" and the fibro has kicked in again, so I think Im getting sick. Im also overly exhausted even though Im sleeping (at least I think I am). Yesterday I barely made it thru a four hour day at work. Gosh, I dont know how I did it a few months ago when I was working two part time jobs and going 13-14 hour days twice a week along with 6 hour days in between. I feel for all you full-timers out there. I wish I could wokr full time because the money issues are BAD here.

    Anyhooo..hope all of you are well and for the ones down in the dumps like me, I wish you inner peace, strength, endurance and relief (all along with Gods blessings). Have a wonderful day!...Just think, the weekend is just right around the corner so theres a little hope in sight...although if any of you have children like me, weekends are usually filled with rushing around to sports and stuff so its relaly not a break from the week.

    HUGS (gentle) to all!
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  2. Butterfly_of_grace

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    BUMPING to say hello today
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    Thanks for the nice message Diane, happy thursday to you too.

    I'm trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold here in upstate NY. We are in a new germ pool (recent move)I have two Jr. High girls so let the fun begin. Anyways, we are almost at Friday and the weekend....Sleep in (sorta). I can relate to the busy schedule, my daughter has band night this Friday and it is world youth day at our church on Suday. Plus a halloween party for the teens...

    My husband finishes his last exam for his masters degree this weekend...Yeah....

    We will all have to pace ourselves. Stay healthy

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    I had been counting the hours and minutes when the woman I take care of leaves for her afternoon program so I could lay my weary body down for a while..... but .... my partner just came home sick and I need to take her to the doctor now... no rest for the weary today.

    Hope you have a good day ...Best Wishes Diana