Happy Valentine's Day Song Game!

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  1. gb66

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    How about some nice Valentiney songs. Anything with Hearts, Flowers, Candy.....

    "I'm Sending You a Big Bouquet of Roses"

    "Roses and Lollipops"

    "My Funny Valentine"

    "Heart of My Heart"
  2. rockgor

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    Hey, GB

    I'm sending You a Big Bouquet of Roses
    The Rose
    Bright Blue Rose
    Second Hand Rose

    Red Roses For A Blue Lady
    When the Snow is on the Roses
    I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

    Candy Kisses
    Big Rock Candy Mountain
    The Candy Man


    Oops! Not only did I duplicate one of BG's songs, it was
    the first one posted. SMH as the young people say.
    Uff-da! As the Norskies say.

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  3. ConfusedInPA

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    Great Thread, GB!

    Regarding flowers...............

    ROSES ARE RED, Bobby Vinton

    Regarding candy :) ...............

    THE LOLLIPOP GUILD, Wizard of Oz

    Regarding hearts ...................

    YOUNG AT HEART, Frank Sinatra

    Great thread!

    Diane :)
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  4. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    I still like that old song by Bobby Vinton. Used to have some
    records by him. I read the biography of one of the munchkins
    a few years. My sister met one who was touring in Minnesota
    a decade of so ago. I think his name was Jerry Maren. He's
    the one in the middle of the pic. The last surviving
    Munchkin, I believe.

    And some flowers other than roses: Tiptoe Through the Tulips;
    Donnaree, Where the Rhododendrons grow, (Irish song).

    The Heather on the Hill from Brigadoon.
    Sunflower; Sinatra recorded this one as did Glen Campbell.
    I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.
    And Elvis seems to have recorded a song about Petunia,
    the Gardener's Daughter.

  5. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    "You've Got to Have Heart"

    "The Good Ship Lollipop"


    "I Have But One Heart"

    "Deep in the Heart of Texas"

    "The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring"

    "You Don't Send Me Flowers"
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  6. Billoy Joe

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    Do you have the above song link?