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    Wishing everyone a very happy weekend. I start my new job Monday and Im not only nervous Im PETRIFIED! My back has been so bad (herniated disc which affects on leg Periformis Sybdrome affecting the other leg) and Im not so sure why my fibro is in full flare other than the stress im under so I hope and pray Ill be alright Monday. The past week I can barely move when I get out of bed and into the shower. I cant even bend over to soap up and shave my legs its aweful! I feel like Im 100 yrs old.
    Its a face paced on-your-feet-all-day kinda of job but Its only for 5 hrs on Monday so I should be ok and then come tuesday Ill have a break. Then back there Wed, break on Thursday and back on Friday. HOPEFULLY there are no health fairs or community outreachs scheduled yet. They havent given me my schedule yet. Say a little prayer for me. The Advil isnt helping my back or my pain at all.

    HUGS 2 ALL!