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    I am a regular user of JointsNKnees,and am extremely happy with the product.

    I am 44 female who has 2 children, eversince I turned 40 I have experienced unspeakable knee pain, and finger pains. Perhaps this is because I am a little overweight.

    One of the reason why I love JointsNKnees is its rich nutrition profile (rich in mucopolysaccharides) from Green Lipped Mussel extract. It really helps norish my joints and gives me the extra energy needed to battle my weak knees.

    I am also amazed in how this product has significantly reduced my inflammation level (joint and overall body).

    I take 4 capsules daily, my joints are not swollen anymore, and the pain is under control.

    I am definitely benefiting from this outstanding joint product.

    I would recommend people with joint pain, or arthritis to try this product.

    ps. I get better skin as well.