harassed 4 times by same guy about my handicap plate

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  1. mylilcherub428

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    I hate to whine but I have to 3 times at my library I have had the same guy be rude to me. one time I had my plate on me cuz I could not find my library card or licence so I brought the handicap plate in for proof when I came out he said u know u r in a handicap spot I held up my plate and said I know I do not remember what he said the other two times at the library

    why r we always there at the same time

    then I just moved I went to walmart late with my daughter who is 4 cuz she needed a light and nightlight for her room

    this guy the same guy waited at the door for me and began walking with me he says u don't look anymore handicap then me so I tell him if he has a prob with it he can talk to my doc who gave me the plate and he says oh I did not know u had aplate but still he keeps going on

    I stopped turned to him and said I know I am handicap and I am not gonna stand here sticking up for myself in front of my 4 yr old daughter he looked at her did not know what to say and stopped walking with me.

    I do not need this not to mention from the same guy I wonder if he relizes I am the same person he keeps bugging

    If he does it again I will follow him to his car and report him for harrasment is this the best thing to do??? I am always with my daughter she should not have to hear someone talking to me like this

    I really don't get what his problem is

    I do not use the handicap spot unless I need it we were moving for 2 days I was exausted I have 2 herniated disks and was not limping yet but knew it was coming soon and it did the next day I could not walk which is why I parked there

    people like this make me wanna use my canadian crutches even if it's not to the point where I am limping just to be left alone I must have looked horrible that day I was exasted I don't get it

    anyone have to deal with stupid people over a handicap spot I am only 30 so I think that is why people bother me every time I use a handicap spot I feel people are talking about me which is why I only use as needed or if there is only one spot even if it is bad I will leave it for someone worse off

    I do not deserve to be treated like this-Kim of fibro land :)
  2. TeaBisqit

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    I'd go to the police. He's not just harassing you, he's on the verge of stalking territory.

    It's so disgusting that people keep judging us on how we look. I've met tons of people with all kinds of diseases that you would never know by looking at them.
  3. zoster

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    It's kind of strange he is hanging around the store and asking you questions about your disability.

    If he does it again that is just too much and is harrassment. Best to be safe.
  4. mylilcherub428

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    signs also have a pic of a wheelchair and your right kjm I never thought of how this works against people who are not in a chair it subcounciously(spelling lol) puts an image of thats who should be there it should be changed good idea

    I wonder how to report someone if u do not know who they are?????

    also I wonder how to go about changing the handicap symbal That would give me something usefull to do

    Thanx for the replies I appreciate it needed to vent-Kim
  5. kbak

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    Report him for stalking!!!

  6. cookie1960

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    If you see this guy again - follow him out to his car - write down his license plate - and report him to the police.

    If he follows you throughout the store or the library - go to the service desk - and ask for security or ask them to call the police.

    He sounds like a real jerk. I cannot post as to what I would really like to say to him as this is a G-rated community.

  7. marti_zavala

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    I would report him now to the library and the store and tell the police. They won't do much if anything because you don't have his license BUT it sets the stage that you are going to be back.

    Plus, they might start keeping a lookout for him and they might actually catch him in the act of harassing someone else.

    He is not the judge and jury of any handicapped person who walks into the library.

    In addition to his license, can you take a photo of him with your phone or a camera. (not sure if this is a good idea but I think maybe you could ask the police if you should do this).

    He does sound a little off and maybe he can't help it but he does have to stop it.

    You do not deserve to be treated like this.
  8. footballmom

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    Although I beleive that you need and deserve your plate, there are so may people who abuse the plate, for instance using a spouses plate when they aren't along or using a parents plate etc. A few years ago I was attending my sons football game. It was a Friday night and parking spaces were scarce. My husband and I were walking to the gate to get our tickets and right before me the referee got out of his car that had handicap plates on and proceeds to go officiate the football game. Well let me tell you I did have few choice words for him. It was all I could do not to phone the police about him, not sure what made me more mad his officiating or his impersonating an handicapped person.

  9. If anyone ever says anything to me I am going to look them in the eyes and say, "I have cancer I should be dead soon and then you can have the parking place!!" Ruthie
  10. OWWEE

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    I would tell him it was none of his #&*@ business and if he had a problem he should call the police right now, because if he said another word to me, I would be calling the police. Your medical condition is none of his business. it is between you and your doctor.

    I would go ahead and file a police report if I were you regarding his stalking/harassment, and see what they say to do. Once that is filed and he shows up again, if you have a cell phone, call 911.

    Maybe he is harmless and thinks it is his life mission to root out handicapped sticker abusers, but it is none of his business. You don't want to take a chance when you have a small child. Do police report even though you don't know his name or license plate. when you get that information you can amend the report.

    If he again confronts you when you are going into the library or a store, go inside and ask them to call the police. He needs to be put in his place.