Hard lump growing under left rib

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    Hi everyone, i'm new to this message board... and thought maybe someone could help with a problem that has been troubling me. Well actually it seems as though there's been quite a few problems... ok here goes. I've had quite strange bowl movements over the past few years... which never seemed to concern me much, because i'm not the type to overreact to every insignificant health issue. I get pain in my lower abdomen almost every time i need to make a bowl movement. Sometimes the pain is severe to the point where i have to get to a bathroom asap... this is followed by either diarrhea or a really hard stool that sometimes leads to rectal bleeding. Also, when it's that time of the month... my cramps are so severe i can do nothing but roll back and forth on my bed in agonizing pain. The pain radiates to my back and even down my thighs. Ok.. so i don't make a big deal of this until i notice something that kind of scares me. Under my bottom left rib.. extending from my floating rib... is a very hard, nontender lump. I've noticed that there will be times where i turn a certain way... and a shooting pain goes through my rib area... that lasts only a few seconds. Also.. this may sound dumb... but when i cough or sneeze i or strain myself in any way... i sometimes get the same type of shooting pain in that area an in my groin. I did have a swollen lymph in the same groin area a while back, went to the doctor... he said not to worry. I haven't gone to a doctor for it yet... mostly because doctors always have the same thing to say... "oh, it's nothing to worry about" I could have my head gashed open with my brain seeping down the side of my face and they'd still say it was nothing to worry about. Can any one tell me.. what this lump might be? Does anyone know if any of my symptoms have any relation to eachother. Sorry for such a long post... help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I also have what feels like muscle twitching in my abdomen very very often... it's not painful... just irritating.
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    i have a lump also on my lower left rib, but i noticed it when i was at school when i was 16, i am 24 now, and its still there (even though i cant feel it very well because of fat lol)i had an x-ray done at the time and was told it was swollen cartlidge, which is the grizzley bit betwen your bones, and with reagards to your bowel problems, maybe it could be irritable bowel syndrome, my sister in law had the same problems as yourself when going to the toilet, hope this helps.

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    Go to a doctor and have this checked out! I would go to a different Dr. that the one you referred to in you post. He sounds like he graduated at the bottom of his class and has slipped ever since!!!!!!!!!!!!!