hard muscles?

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  1. tj53

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    My rheumatologist isn't sure whether or not I have FM because I didn't respond when he tested my tender points. I didn't respond because I was trying to talk... oh well.
    It seems that anywhere I put pressure on any muscle it hurts. I've had this for so many years I began to think of it as normal.
    I also have muscles that are like they are contracted all of the time. I have one in my right forearm, left thigh and left pectoral. The muscles, or part of them, are as hard as rocks in a resting position.
    Does this sound like an FM symptom?
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    my back and neck and the back of my arms are so tight right now..well yesterday..all night and today..I would like for a little relax for a while.

    Good luck to you

  3. tj53

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    Thanks for responding. Is there any way to get this scar tissue to release as in massaging the area?
  4. tj53
    i also have the hard muscles that you describe.i have those in the leg muscles,the ones below the knees,at the back of the legs.
    ive suffered from fibromyalgia and ME chronic fatigue syndrome for 12 years now.

    i walk as much as possible,but im always in pain as i walk,and i feel its due to the fact that my muscles are being strained while walking,and so are being prevented from doing their job properly ,because they are so hard.

    i havent found a way to soften the muscles,and if i gently poke them with my fingers,the pain is very intense.its a weird illness that we have,no doubt about that.

    take care