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    with the extreme fatigue..makes it hard to go to work...to function at home...i get depressed because i dont feel well..than stressed becasue i'm depressed that make me more tired...how can i break the cycle...i cry all the time because i'm so tired..i sleep enough...i'm told i just have to "deal"with it but i dont know how...
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    You are experiencing what many of us do, so I first want to say you are not alone. It doesn't matter how seasoned of a fibro/cfs veteran you are. You will always have days like this. How you handle it is up to you. I have to say that for the last 7 months I laid around everyday. Nothing interested me. Nothing. I was past the point of tears. From January until mid April, my thoughts mainly consisted of how I could commit suicide and make it look like an accident so I didn't hurt any family members.

    One day I was on the phone with my mother who is 1200 miles from me. I told her I was down and some of my thoughts. She called me everyday sometimes twice a day to see how I was doing. Just knowing I had her so worried upset me greatly. I began to look at myself from a concerned loved one's point of view.

    A few weeks ago while searching for something, I stumbled upon this site. I read the posts for a few days, not interested in replying...just lurking about. After a few days of seeing how wonderful and supportive the people here really are, I decided to post. I was welcomed with open arms, and already feel like a part of family. I cannot say the depression has left me, but I can say the people here shed a little bit of sunlight on my otherwise very cloudy days.

    When I am having a really rotten day, I come here and see someone else had a rotten day. I see the support and feel the energy of love wrapping around these people, encircling them in a warm blanket of compassion, caring, and love. This in turn makes me feel better.

    I am not the best at replying compassionately. I try to be but for right now I just watch and smile as others here do it so well.

    You will learn to cope. You will learn to adapt. Come here, and you will see, :)
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    Welcome to the Board! Its a great place!

    I know exactly how you are feeling. The fatigue and depression are tough adversaries. I was feeling more and more depressed recently. I tried so hard to fight it, determined to pull myself up by the boot straps. Each appointment my Doctor would ask if I was depressed, and I would say NO...just tired of these disorders. It kept getting worse, though, until like you, I was crying all the time. I was feeling totally hopeless. I really had gotten to the point of almost checking myself in to a hospital. I finally admitted to my Doc, that yes, I did need help with depression.

    You would not believe the difference it has made! I am feeling very well, hopeful, not crying, not irritable with my family--they all can see the improvement, and I can feel it! Depression is very common with chronic illnesses. I wish I would have done something sooner and not have suffered all those months. I will stay on the antidepressants (I take Lexapro--have had no side effects, no grogginess, etc.) and then I will slowly wean off of them after a few months. This is my second month on them.

    Please I encourage you---this is a horrible place to be, and you can be feeling better. If you are not seeing a Doctor, find one, and tell he or she what is going on.

    Best wishes,
    and a hug, too
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    i appreciate the imput..i do take lexapo now...its just so hard the past few weeks...my poor husband...!!!!!i know with support and really realizing i'm not going mad i'll be fine...it's just hard
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    I know I sure do.

    Reading through the other posts it seems that there is a lot of good advice. I don't think I really have much to add.

    Just take time to look after you and be nice to yourself. It may seem right now as though nothing will ever get better but it can and will. Hopefully with a good doctor and some good support and advice you'll find a path through.

    Welcome to the board.