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  1. jole

    jole Member

    Hi there! I saw you on one of the posts and just want to say welcome to this site! There are a lot of great people here with good information.

    We are understanding of another FMer's problems, compassionate and caring. Unfortunately, there have been a few rifts on the board lately, as you have seen, but this does NOT keep most posts from being very civil.

    Please stay with us and give us a chance to get to know you, and you us. I think you'll be plesantly suprised at the amount of knowledge there is here on this board, and the willingness of others to stand by you, get to know you and honestly care.

    Many of us find this site our only social life, having "lost" our friends to these DDs. If you've noticed, there is a chit chat board also that is a lot more laid back and very friendly. I would suggest you try checking us out over there. Friends.....Jole

  2. HarleyRidingGal

    HarleyRidingGal New Member

    How sweet of you to welcome me to the board. As long as I can still type and think, I'll be here. I was just surprised is all about the attacks but as in any "community", there are all kinds of people and tempermants and that's what makes it interesting. I can't imagine agreeing with every-one about every-thing. How very boring life would be.

    You are right. There are very informative people who have been diagnosed a lot longer than I have and have a great deal more "experience" with different treatments and medications than me.

    But I also have a lot to offer and plan on sharing as I have just this past week.

    You are right about losing people in our lives. I posted a reply on a thread where I talked about my ex-husband and how he could not deal with chronic illness. His loss.

    I can't imagine doing that to someone!

    It's like telling someone, I only like you when you're well. Does that mean we round up all the people with broken arms, legs, perhaps have TB, or Hepatitis, or Chicken Pox...etc. and say, talk to me when you're better? I say "poo" to that.

    I find that the ones that have dropped me because of this DD, can just go to you know where. It means they didn't love me in the first place. Although it DOES hurt.

    No condition goes out from me to anyone who is in my life or wants to be in my life other than the "Golden Rule" of life plus, they must let me cook for them at least once. They'll come back for sure! (kidding).

    Thanks again for the kind welcome!


  3. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Those are great points you make. Sorry your ex-husband was a jerk, I'm so glad you found someone who is supportive now.

    Welcome to ProHealth :)

  4. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    hope we can be of help, there are various topics, to help with most of these symptoms, we go through.

    i can relate about people leaving you.
    my d-i-l said i was to weird for her, and that we couldn't be friends,
    it upsets her if i talk about my conditions.

    oh well, you can't make people like you, if they already have a wall up.

    i read more than i post, bad fingers right now.

    btw do you ride a harley, hog?
    i used to do some dirt bike riding, in my younger days.
    my brother, who passed away, recently, rode a Hog, untill he became bedridden.

    miss him and his harley,
    glad to me you, sorry its due to these illness.

    it's a great place to find out, that your not so crazy after all, no matter what , the relatives, say, ;o) lol lol

  5. HarleyRidingGal

    HarleyRidingGal New Member

    It does seem to upset people to talk about chronic illness. I can really relate to that. I'm at the point just the past two months, that I'm actually opening up about it.

    For years, my ex would talk down to me and emotionally drag me to the bottom pits of hades, I never, ever talked about it nor opened up to others about it. It just wasn't OK to me to do so.

    Have you ever seen the old movie called "Gaslight"? Or heard the term "gaslight"? That's what it was like. Turns out, he was the crazy one and I wasn't. But he spent years telling me I was crazy and that I was sick in the head, etc.

    Then I realized, hey...crazy just ain't so bad after all. :).....

    Although I was always, always a good listener when others would talk about their conditions and/or illnesses. I consider it such a blessing when someone shares something that close to their heart.

    My pain doctor finally convinced me that it's ok to talk about pain and if I'm hurting, I'm hurting.

    Funny thing is, I went to my primary care doc a couple of months ago and he completely dismissed me, told me I was fine, and sent me on my way. Later that day, my husband rushed me to the hospital and it turn out that I have multiple problems right now with my esophagus, stomach, intestines, kidney and pancreas. All at once. Figures!

    I haven't had this primary care for too long and really only went to him for a couple of bouts of diverticulitis.

    Get this, when I called him, I told him I thought I might need to go to the hospital. They said...oh no, we can treat you, don't worry. Then of course, because I was complaining of intense pain, I was NOT going to get any pain meds from them. They made that very clear and I didn't even ask about those.

    Wow, that felt better just to write it!.. :)

    I do ride bruin, but have been unable to for the past year. Nothing like the open road, alone, and the wind. It makes me feel like I don't have a care and that I'm not sick. I usually do a lot of praying and singing when I ride so if anyone is ever in the great state of Washington and you see some chick on a Harley singing and praying, that's me!

    I'm so terribly sorry that your brother passed away. And extremely sorry that at the end he had become bed ridden. Especially since he was a fellow rider and loved the feeling of freedom in that way.

    I send you a big hug for your loss and a bigger one because you let me know that I'm not crazy after all.


  6. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Leslie, I think we posted to each other on the Chit Chat Board. If I did not welcome you, shame on me.

    I also lost my partner right before getting the official diagnosis of this DD. I feel the same way as you. You were not good enough for me!! Like you said, His loss.

    Like you, I can't imagine abandoning anyone I love, even if it does turns out to be mental problems as when I was first sick everyone thought I was "just" depressed. However in their defense, I have suffered clinical depression. When someone you love needs help, they need you there. Love is not conditional. Believe me this took a long time to be able to see things this way.

    I am not religious but "Do Onto Others" is a basic moral tenant.

    Ah, gee, maybe it is the fact that my speciality is blackened Meatloaf, is why they do not come back, LOL!!

    You take care and welcome!!


    ETA, I meant Do unto others", brainfog. I think I will leave it. Maybe it will give someone a laugh!!<
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  7. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    thanks for the kind words about my brother, he had ankloysing spondilitis, which, made him unable to move around, and caused him a lot of pain.

    i know he is with God now, and our mom, and a sis, that have passed on also.

    I miss them, but i know they are not in pain, and that makes me happy, to know that.
    pain , so hard to live with.

    i have a pain dr. and so far they are able to help me, with that prob.

    i used to live in idaho, and loved to go for rides in the country, in my car, along the back rodes, and just sing my little heart out, lol,
    god sure did make some beautiful places, i miss that,
    in ca. there aren't to many places left for a nice ride, car or bike,

    nice talking to you, hope your day is as painfree as possible.
  8. HarleyRidingGal

    HarleyRidingGal New Member

    Oh my gosh bruin....I just went to the doctor today and that's exactly what I have along with everything else. I had never heard of AS before but it makes so much sense given my symptoms. In fact, that's why I got on the computer. To start doin some research about it and treatments, prognosis, etc.

    I'm so sorry about your brother. I just cannot believe he had AS, I get your reply today, and today is the day I find out that's what I have as well. Not a coincedence, I would say.

    I was actually going to start a thread and ask if anyone else has this or heard of it before and see if I get any feedback.

    Is it my undestanding that you have AS as well? If so, I'm so sorry. It's so painful, isn't it?

    My back and knee just hurt like you know what all the time!

    I grew up in CA..in Bakersfield. Lived there for 36 years of my life. I agree..not too many places to ride like there are up here in WA state but I still loved the place.

    And another thing, you are so right. God does sure make some beautiful places.

    It sounds like with faith, you believe your family members are with the Lord. As awful as it is to lose someone, I have found that my faith helps me so much just knowing that.

    I send you blessings to a fellow AS sufferer. My diagnosis has taken several years but at least now I have a name for this incredible pain in such a specific place on my body.



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