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    I am very sorry to read that you also have AS.
    I don't have this, but one of my sisters, who lives with me now does.

    there is a group called kickas, on the net, that is very helpful for people who have it.
    i havent been there for awhile, i think i'll see if they are still up and running.

    I was tested for AS, but the test came back neg.
    they can do a blood test for it.

    if you would like more info on it, let me know,

    all 6 of us siblings have either fms/smpd/as/ plus other co-existing conditions.
    we were all born here in so. ca.
    we grew up in the long beach area,

    we do have some outlaws who live in bakersfield, and the mercede area.
    traveled through there going to lake isabella,. and kern river.

    ever ride up aournd that area, i also like redrock cannon,
    the only traveling i do these days are trips to the dr.s , pharmacy, lab.
    but i do have good people there who understand my fms/cmpd and don't treat me like a nutcase ,,,, ;o]

    let me know if i can be of help in coping with the AS.
    it really messes the spine up, and other body parts.

    take care,
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    i found a lot of info at this site, hope this can be of help to you.


    also this is a good place

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