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    Dear Harmony,
    I just read your profile-don't take this the wrong way O.K.?? For some reason I thought you were much younger! Don't get mad! I guess I had you mixed up with someone else, they did have 3 children, but they were very young, and her boyfriend/hubby left her.

    I really like the profiles, OF THE ONES WHO USE THEM! (JUST A SUBTLE HINT!!!) They really give you a sense of who you are talking to.

    Anyway Harmony,
    If you are still speaking to me.....
    I was gonna ask what are some of your fav. gospel groups? I really like to watch the Gaither Homecoming videos. I don't have cable or satellite, but that show comes on 3 or 4 times a week, and I also have a few of the videos.
    When I am feeling sad, or when my daughter and/or hubby are, I just pop one of those videos in and within a few minutes, everyone is singing!!! (The trick here is timing, you've got to get the tape in BEFORE the situation esculates too far!

    I just saw that on your profile and was curious!
    We LOVE to go to Gospel Concerts!
    Love and Prayers, Willow
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    Hi Willow,
    I'm glad someone has read my profile! I always wander who reads them. I enjoy reading them and putting a face to the name. I am not the person you are thinking of as my husband and I are happily married and will celebrate our 25th this July. Most people say I look young for my age so I guess I sound young too when I write. I can take that as a compliment! Things like that don't get me mad; now if I were young and you thought I was real old, that's a different story.

    About christian music...I love most all except for hard rock but I'm delighted that the teens have the christian music they can identify with. We didn't have that as teens. There are many groups I like and the Gaithers are one of them. I don't have the videos but saw one at my in-laws house. I have watched them on TV as well. They have been around for about 30 years and people never tire of them.

    I would have to say my favorite is the "Fishers of Men Quartet", the southern gospel quartet that is made up of my husband and three of my brothers. I'm not prejudice or anything!
    They are good though! My husband and I met in a traveling singing group in college.

    Music is a wonderful gift God has given us to enjoy and I can't imagine life without it.
    That's great you enjoy it too!

    I conversed with you on the old worship board not long before they changed it. My name then was Gail776. I changed it because there were too many Gail's and people were confusing me with other Gail's. You told me how you had to give up teaching and church work (temporarily, of course).

    Well, Willow, thanks for letting me share a bit of my interests with you. I am pleased to get to know you.

    God bless you and your family,
    The "young" Harmony (I'm young at heart anyway)
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    Hi again,
    I meant to tell you that my sister just got back from a cruise with Kathy Troccoli and other christian artists. She had the time of her life and got to talk to them too. She was so blessed by their ministry. Wouldn't that be fun to do that? I couldn't afford it but it sure would be nice. I've never even been on a cruise, but to think going on one with christian musicians and fellowship...wow! I can dream.....
    Good night!