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    I'll say it first: "Sumbuni is hung up on the stress thing!" But it is true...I have been researching stress and what it does and it DOES do to us the very things that cfs/cfids/fms do to us.

    Life is not NICE! For myself, the last 9 years have been hell on wheels! My husband of 2 years had a "friend", who was supposed to be MY friend...and no matter what they were going to continue the relationship..he told me that I wasn't coming between him and his "FRIENDS". I'm not talking about a regular little friendship...im talking about replacement in every way except the paperwork!

    Seven years later I left because he spent all of his time with his friends, except how long it took to bring home the dirty clothes (he's a truck driver), get a little sleep, and leave! (He still says he loved only ME!) Now I'm 55 and trying to find my life and support myself on a fraction over minimum wage...ain't life grand!

    Extended stress??? You bet, and I believe that at least SOME of you are dealing with it too! I don't know how to deal with the things that hit me in the face, I just keep plugging and getting sicker and sicker!

    I intend to DO something to help myself if I can at all..

    Am I a sicky?? Probably so, but I want better...I don't want to be sick with all of these things...this is NO LIFE..it's waiting to die just so things will get better! How much longer to I have to live like this if I can't find a way to cope with life?? It's gotta change...Maybe 20 or more years like this?????? Oh, God I pray that it isn't so!

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    It's hard to do. I used to actually thrive under stress ... it was like a fuel, now it's like a poison. My doc told me to read Andrew Wiel's "Spontaneous Healing". I've got a hold on it at the library .... seems to be a popular book. Don't give up the search, you will find more ways to cope. Just being here is a great beginning. Warm hugs,