Harressment while on SSD

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Terry2002cal, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Terry2002cal

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    Does anyone else have a problem with harressment. I am on SSD and these people follow me around and harrass me. The say they are from a government agency and get large sums of money to get people off SSD. I was living in Arizona and Moved to California. I was hoping they would go away but It is twice as bad here. Does anyone else have this problem.
    If you do what do you do about them?
  2. kats1978

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    but if it was me I would call the cops and ask for the harressment department and explain the situation. I know that in my area that is not allow and some do it just to hurt the people that shouldn't be on it at all. Or that they feel shouldn't be on it. These people never understand what a true case of CFS or FMS is all about and just not trying to get the goverment to pay for thier misfution. If this was somebody else I would have to say to go to file a report, but I don't know your laws.
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  3. sofy

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    i just got my first check and sure dont want anything else to deal with. Could you be a little more specific about just what they are doing and how often it happens. Two things dont jive. If they were from a gov. agency they would be salaried. Perhaps it is some kind of bounty thing. Have you called your local ss office and asked about it? You want to make sure these are legitimate and have authority to do what they are doing. When you do be sure to tell them you fear for your personal safety not to mentioned the added stress that is not good for your health. Ask specifically who these people are because they may not be who they say they are. Let us know.
  4. Terry2002cal

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    Thankyou for your input. I think the only people who understand are someone who had the same problem. Many times i have told family members or doctors about my pains and everyone acts like they don't have it or have hear of it so it must not be a problem.
    The people who follow me around are usually from a chuch that the agency has gone to. This has been going on since I came here last summer. They told me they get paid an hourly wage and the church helps them out with cars or gas. They have anyone I come in contact fill out a form and most they pay. One woman and her family came. The woman and her husband looked a some papers they had and then the woman walked right up to me and said to her husband, Shit they did't tell us she couldn't walk. They left but came back later. I talked to the police and was told I could not do anything about anyone in a public place. They will not tell me the name of the agency or church and since I got no where with the police I did't call SS. Some people think it is my medical provider. They did tell me they had an office in Phoenix and LA. What is the bounty thing? When I got on SSD I thought things would get better not worse. I have moved several times trying to get away from them. I asked them how they keep finding me and they said with my LA county library card. I went to the library and asked for a print out of the books checked out and on the print out was
    everything. My address, phone, drivers lic. SS no. date of birth, and where I had checked out books and when they where due back. If I move again I will not check out any books.
  5. Nana2Andromeda

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    This don't sound right, harressment is harressment and I would be on the phone getting to the bottom of it. I would also pushing the police about how someone is getting your personal info from your library card, to me that is like stealing personal info.....pretty scary to think a rapist could just go to the library and find out where you live.
    If it was SSD, you would not know it. They want to catch you when you don't expect it, just like insurance fraud.
    Next time this person comes up to....just start yelling for help.....for someone to call the police. Report them as a stocker, etc.
    Good luck....
  6. joannie1

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    This is absolutely wild to me. For one thing, doesn't SS Disability already know when you have moved due to the fact that you are to report to them about it and where they are to send you your check. This does not sound like SS Disability to me at all. There is something else going on in my opinion. Unfortunately though, the police won't do anything unless there is personal injury done.
    if it something with a church go there and see what in the world they want. I would definitely call Disability to find out if indeed it is them and if not I would contact the police again and if they come around again i would scream for help.
    Best of luck.
  7. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    and I agree with the others, it doesn't sound like something that Social Security would do. And I can't imagine a church that would let someone like this use the facilities for spying on someone. Ask them for identification and the name of the company they are with. And even if the police didn't help, I would certainly notify Social Security and ask what the heck is going on. Or if you think it's related to your health care provider, give them a call. Did you use an attorney to help get the SSD? If you did, maybe his office can give you some idea of what is going on.


    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Just who are these people. I could not and would not tolerate this. I would not speak to them at all. I would also keep reporting them to the police as stalkers.

    My Long Term Disability Insurance Company has just sent me a letter saying that my claim is now under investigation. Hopefully it will just mean that they will contact all my doctors to reconfirm my illnesses. If they plan to send someone to follow me or even ask me questions while I am out I will not tolerate it. They will get to meet my husband and he has no kind words to those who do not believe in Fibromyalgia, as some of my past doctors have found out.
    I wish you the best. Take care.
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  9. sofy

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    You mentioned "the agency sent them". What agency would be paying church members hourly wages to spy. Do you get Social Security from our federal government or is it a private dissability policy? You said ssd so I am assuming you mean the social security program. If it is private I have heard of them spying on their receipents to prove fraud. I'm sure you have seen things on tv about people with back problems being filmed water sking and cutting down trees, that kind of thing. Please follow up on this and let us know because not only am I afraid for you but for the rest of us receiving ssd. If we need to do something to protect ourselves we need to know about it. Please keep us posted.
  10. Kay2

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    Sounds pretty strange to me. Get a camera ready and the next time you see them try and take a picture of them with out them seeing you.If that is impossible, then to hell with it, take one anyway!! Give it to the police and tell them that this is who is following you and you want something done about it, that you are disabilled, and that you are scared for your life, and you are getting sicker. Do you have a lawyer? I would get one and sue the s**t out of them. Thats totally harassment sweetie!!! Also like someone else said, do NOTTTTT talk to them or give them any info.Please keep us informed. This is scary and just doesn't sound right. BE CAREFUL!!!! kEEP ALL YOUR DOORS LOCKED!!! If you cant find help let me know, and I will call my son and talk with him about this, and see what he thinks. He is a police officer. Where do you live??

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  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    They have their hands full just dealing with people seeking SSD. If this is on the up and up, which I doubt, it must be people hoping for some kind of bounty for finding fraud.

    There was once a guy parked for days outside my condo bldg. and when confronted by my neighbors, he admitted he was an investigator but wouldn't elaborate further. If it was to spy on me, I hope he enjoyed himself sitting out there all day in the heat while I lay in bed in my condo with the A/C on. He would have preious little to report.

    I really think it was probably another neighbor he was interested in, but he never showed up again after that.

    Love, Mikie
  12. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    I know when my daughter in law was out of work with a comp injury the insurance company sent someone to follow her and take picture because her lawyer got a copy of it. But they were only allowed within so many feet of her residence. This is really creepy Terry. Please be careful!!

  13. blondieangel

    blondieangel New Member

    I live in CA. I'm on SSD. I live close to you...are YOU SURE they're from SSD? (You aren't going through a nasty divorce or anything are you?)This is really scary...I just missed a 2nd doc appt. due to my illness symptoms...now I'm scared.
  14. dacer

    dacer New Member

    hi, it seems like you come into contact with these people quite a it. get thier names, licsence plates, make of car picture, follow them!! get tsomeone you know who they dont think you know and get that person to be one of the people they apporach and have him or her get information for you. if you file a order with a judge, if they come near you again you can have them arrested. when you get thier names look them up on the internet in the phone book, how did they get your library card??? have they broken into your home?? go on the offensive.get your piece of mind back. make some phonecalls, it is amazing how far you can get on the phone. have them sign a statement of what they are doing, thype up somehting simple and get them to sing it, ask them for thier soc sec numbers thier home address, if you get thier names and the town they liv in look them up in the phone book. have a police check run on them, report them to everyone including the better bus b. get everything in writing, keep a timed journal record of them. taht will take care of them! good luck. dacer
  15. JLH

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    I, too, have never heard of this! I have been on SSDI for 3 years now and I have NEVER had this problem! I live in Kentucky. I don't know what I would do. I read all of the posts but can't remember (fibro fog bad today) if you said if you had contacted the Social Security Administration to verify their story. If you haven't, I certainly would give them a call.
  16. teawah

    teawah New Member

    Do not follow them!! Do not talk to them!! Do not do anything unless you talk to an attorney first!!! If you can't afford to pay one go to your local court house and ask to talk to legal Aide. You should NOT do anything without LEGAL backup. YOu don't know who you are dealing with or what they want. What they are doing is against the law unless they have legal documentation to prove that they have the right to follow you then it is concidered STALKING. That is a federal crime.

    If you feel you must talk to them or have any contact, let it be that you ask them to stay and wait while you call the police to get intervention. If they are legit, they will stay, if not well they will make sure they are not around when the police get there.

    This is not something to take lightly nor is it something to deal with without legal backup. I cannot stress that enough.

    As you say it is happened in more than one state, I would consider myself in iminent danger and call the police. It is their job to "protect and serve". They work for us. OUr taxes pay their wages and so you shouldn't wait. Call them and get legal council.

  17. Terry2002cal

    Terry2002cal New Member

    Mikie. I first had a problem with these people last AugustI was in the grocery leaning over the meat counter when I felt something on my side. I looked around and a man had gotten my purse open which was on my side and alittle to the back. I thought he was trying to steal my money. When I looked at him he ran out the door. I went to right customer service for help and we went outside and didn't see him. The store manager wrote a report and said if they have another problem they would want to call me and that the police may call. I went back to shopping and when I got in my purse to pay the bill there was a card will two earrings on it. I quickly put it aside before checking out.
    I believe the man put them in my purse. I bought a fanny pack that I use as a purse. When I told some other women
    I have come across. Why would someone put something in my purse, some say that if I am arrest for shop lifting I can not collect my check or my kids check. The way I understand it is the agency would assign a person from the church to handle my affairs and give me my money when they think I need it. I was told that the people from the church signup with the agency and the agency calls them and has them take care of a person or their children.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    There is something really wrong with this picture. If you can take your own pictures of them, do it, especially if you can get a license plate. Be very careful of these people.

    Love, Mikie