Harris Polls--Work at home? Anyone here have recent experience with them

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by artyreader, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. artyreader

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    I desperately need money in addition to the very scant (but appreciated) Social Security Disability. Big rent raise. Very 'close to the bone' and already super frugal.

    I am researching on-line, and have asked friends to watch out for anything I could do to bring in some extra dollars. I am thinking of signing up (on-line) with the Harris company pollsters.

    Have any of you had any experience, good, bad or indifferent with this company? If so, were you paid on time and (due to health) did you have to limit how many hours you could do it?

    It sounds good if it's a pay by phone telephone canvassing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign up (I hate giving personal info on line, but hey, it is, or has been, anyway, a well-known company.)
    Thanks for listening and any and all info appreciated!
    A great day to great people on this great board! (Enough "greats" for ya? :)
    All the best to all of you,
  2. kchase77

    kchase77 Member

    but since I am looking for something to do while on SS disability too, I'd be interested to know what exactly is needed.

    Is it phone work or online surveys or what?

  3. artyreader

    artyreader Member

    They are Harris Poll Online, and they apparently do not directly pay you for answering questions,but you supposedly accrue 'points' for things you may get later.
    I googled, and found a site called (I think) called 'Reviewopedia" and there were posts from (supposed) people who had worked for Harris Poll Online and they ended up spending hours answering questions, only to be told, after all that, that they didn't qualify for points.
    There was a lot of mention that this had once been a good reputable company, but that in the last year or so, they have not been good for people who really need money--they will spend a lot of your time, and toward the end, tell you you are ineligible.
    This is just what I read on the internet, but they (Harris Online)seem very 'nosy' and I find it's wording very vague. My energy is so limited, and with these "reviews' from unhappy former employees, I will hold off for now and most likely will not bother with them. Too bad.
  4. kchase77

    kchase77 Member

    and since I worked for United Airlines in reservations for 12 years, I sure don't want to talk on the phone anymore.

    Would prefer something with email and live chat support. Anyone know of those type of positions?

  5. MusicLass

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    I like most, live on SSI. OUCH and with the cost of everything going up =/
    I am trying the drop shipping on ebay. I don't know that it will work or bring in any extra income, but I also know it don't cost me anything up front.
    I did the surveys, and I did NOT get any money. I did hundreds of them, and nadda, just a lot of wasted time and a massive headache that lasted for days!
    That is what I am trying, lol, no promises I will make anything though...wish I could give you a fool proof way to make money!
    I am using a dropshipper that is called hotbuy4u.com, hope that helps? You don't have to use that one, just google dropshippers, that is what I did. =)
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