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    The Harvard Pluralism Project

    In the past forty years, immigration has dramatically changed the religious landscape of the United States. Today, the encounter between people of different religious traditions takes place in our own cities and neighborhoods. In 1991, the Pluralism Project at Harvard University began a pioneering study of America's changing religious landscape. Through an expanding network of affiliates, we document the contours of our multi-religious society, explore new forms of interfaith engagement, and study the impact of religious diversity in civic life. In 2000, we expanded our study of pluralism to other multi-religious societies.

    Most Recent Research Reports: (Go onto the web site to read them)

    10 Years of the Festival of Faiths (2005), Louisville, KY (Interfaith)

    Mauna Kea, HI (Native Hawaiians) (Native Peoples')

    Etowah Mounds, GA (Muscogee et. al.) (Native Peoples')

    Eagle Feathers and U.S. Permit Process (Various Nations) (Native Peoples')

    Kituwah Mound, NC (Eastern Cherokee) (2004) (Native Peoples')

    International Portrait: Jordan (2008)

    International Portrait: France (2008)

    Baboquivari Mountain Petroglyphs, AZ (Tohono O'odham) (2004) (Native Peoples')

    Interfaith and Faith Peace Organizations (2006) (Interfaith)

    Women in Buddhism in the U.S. (2006) (Buddhism)

    Portrait of Nepal (2007)

    Candidate Endorsements by Religious Groups and Leaders

    Religious Discrimination in the Military (2004)

    America's National Day of Prayer (2006) (Interfaith)

    Gujarati Hindu Temples in Metropolitan Houston, Houston, TX (Hinduism)

    32nd Annual ICNA-MAS Convention 2007: "Muhammad: Mercy to Humanity and Beyond...", Hartford, CT (Islam)

    American Muslim Music (Islam)

    International Portrait: United Kingdom (2007)

    International Portrait: Malaysia (2007)

    International Portrait: Indonesia (2007)