Has a special diet helped you? Please specify..& rate of of ten.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Thanks guys....having a hard time trying to work out what to eat on a budget...and huge chocolate cravings resulting in about 20lbs weight gain since last year!

    Love Shelbo
  2. jess

    jess New Member

    Hi Shelbo, I have been on the scd diet for a few weeks now. I notice I have no more bloating and less digestive problems. I guess it's because the diet eliminates all gluten products, and sugar. I don't eat the yogurt though because it has s. thermophilus. I even lost a few pounds. I bought the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" which has the diet and some great recipes. Basically, I eat fruits, veggies and protein with some good fats. I like it so far. I am able to stick to it and not feel hungry. I rate it as a 7. Good luck . Jess
  3. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I'm not on a "special" diet, but I've just been eating much more healthy. I've cut down on a great deal of fast food and try to eat as much natural foods (fruit, veggies, etc.) as possible. Cutting out soda has really helped me too. I'm drinking lots of water and just watching the quality and quantity of what I put into my body. My fibro symptoms and pain have been reduced tremendously!! As has my stress, my headaches and slowly my weight is coming down.

    I gained over 50 pounds in around 4 months with the help of all the meds I was on. Oh, I also got rid of most of those. And I've dropped 22 pounds. However, it has taken me about 8 or 9 months to do.

    But more important to me is the fact that I’m making huge lifestyle changes to reduce stress and be more healthy and as a result most of my symptoms (except my sleep) have greatly improved.
  4. hehmommy

    hehmommy New Member

    I had my Fm under control and almost gone at times when I ate a healthy diet, but since my Mom passed on and I have been under stress my diet went south and now I feel just awful. If I stick to eating a basic diet-veggies-fruits-protein and only drink water I feel much better. The chocolate and soda will kill me. These are the worse. If you could get yourself to cut down on those and increase the more nutritious foods maybe you would start feeling a bit better. Also just some gentle exercise and stretching helps too.

    Trish :)
  5. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    the Blood Type Diet. What it has meant mostly is that I'm eating more healthy foods instead of anything I can grab. The biggest change is that I'm not eating beef anymore...and I don't miss it. I am eating more soy products which are pretty good and just eating more fruits, veggies, etc.

    I don't know about diets. I know that I have gained a bunch of weight in the eight years I've been on antidepressants, but I also know that I haven't gained as much or as fast as others. But, I'm tired of the extra roll around the middle!

    So, that's my story. I think I feel better, but just went through trying another med for my depression that didn't work...made me sick as a dog...so as I come out of that, I will wait to see what happens.

    Best of luck in choosing a diet...but I think the key is just to eat a more healthy, unprocessed diet and things will go better. But, I'm no authority! (-:

  6. Momma25gr8kids

    Momma25gr8kids New Member

    Thats what I call it anyway.

    Six years ago my husband and I started the 'Radiant Health' diet. Similar to Atkins but not quite. I call it the Bible diet because I refuse to eliminate from my diet what Gods says I can have, ie. whole grains, corn, potatos, fruit, etc. In other words natural carbs. We eat lots of meat, whole dairy, fresh fruits and veggies. Little to no refined sugar, or processed grains and NO corn syrup or homoginized milk. We also take daily suppliments that were designed by Brian Peskin.

    I felt better than I have in my entire life. We lost weight, looked healthy and had energy to spare.

    Then about three years ago we hit trouble. Marriage problems, money trouble, teenager problems, a lot of really intence stress all at once. I've regained 35 lbs. ,hubby more I think. The catch is we have to take the suppliments which can be a bit pricey. (Keep in mind I do not see this as a "Diet" bu trather the right way to eat so our whole family of seven took the suppliments.)

    There are three suppliments. An oil, a mineral, and an herbal tea. They are all three VERY important because no matter how we try we simply cannot get all the essential oils, minerals and such that our bodies need on a daily basis.

    Having the health problems that I do now my husband has decreed that the suppliments are no longer an option, our money situation is drasticly improving, so we are making the suppliments a high priority again.
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  7. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Hi Shelbo,

    Chocolate cravings can be a symptom of magnesium defeciency. When I started Magnesium supplementation (I was told magnesium glycinate is the best supplemenatal form) I lost all chocolate cravings.

    Magnesium tends to be deficient in those of us with CFS &/or FM.
  8. dbhughes

    dbhughes New Member

    Im afraid Ieat chocolate all day, I promise myself that this will be the last time Igive in, but alittle while later the craving is there again I do not seem to have the will power to stop, Iam very ashamed about the way I look, Ihave put on 28lbs in 1 year, Some times Ido not go out for days the pain gets bad, the painkillers dont work,and Ibecome more and more depressed, There are times that I wonder how much longer I can go on,I have been in severe pain now for 13years, It is very tough
    Love to all of you

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