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  1. SweetT

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    There's the Mooncup and the DivaCup, which is supposed to collect the menstrual flow in a suction-type cup, which you insert into the vagina. It doesn't dry you out like a tampon, and supposedly provides more protection than a pad. Best of all, you just dump, rinse, and use it all over again, thoroughout your whole cycle. No endless supply of pads or tampons needed, if it works for you.

    I'm just wondering. Ever since my fibro and CFIDS symptoms started, my periods are just too yucky to bear, and anything that makes life easy would be helpful.
    The website is divacup dot com.
  2. Aeronsmom

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    I have heard about divacup and apparently it is a great this to use...but I just the xtra funds for it right now even tho it's a good price but I do plan on buying it in the very near future.

    Love to all, Ann
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  3. mujuer

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    they are not all they are cracked up to be. You do leak alot so I went back to old true and blue tampons and kotex.
  4. SweetT

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    but do you leak anymore than with a tampon that's left in too long on your heaviest days?
  5. pat460

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    eewwwww! Just the the words menstrual and cup in the same sentence grosses me out. I don't know why. I'll stick to Playtex tampons. If you use the correct size they rarely leak because of the way they spread out, sort of like an umbrella, and catch everything.


    P.S. Wouldn't there be a greater chance of infection with the reusable cup?
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  6. ilovepink4

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    It sucks....she says it leaked all over....i bought it for her because she is a dancer....ballet,jazz,modern....i can't imagine taking classes during your period....but, she gave it the thumbs down....
  7. JLH

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    I am just sooooooo thankful that I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 32. I am now 56 and have enjoyed all of these years without any of those problems! (A partial hysterectomy was the best surgery that I ever had and would whole-heartedly recommend one!!!!!)

  8. SweetT

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    Oh well, there goes that fantasy.

    I thought it would be a neat idea in case I and my daughters were hemmed up due to some power failure/illness and got our periods but had no way to get protection. You supposedly clean the cup with vinegar or peroxide or tea tree oil to disinfect it.

    I have tried the menstrual sponges and they work just fine. I just cannot use them at work--------------i will not carry a bloody sponge around in my bag all day at work.

    I guess I'll try GladRags, which are the cleanable, reusable , cotton sanitary pads, for home use. All sanitary napkins, no matter what the brand, make me chafe and itchy. Cotton, breathable pads with no unbreathable sticky part (you wrap them around your panties with snaps) should do that trick-------------again, at home only. I'll not tote used pads around at work to smell the whole office up).
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    LOL Pat those were my thoughts exactly...ha ha ha..sorry..I don't want have to get messier than I have to!!!
  10. Crispangel66

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    I was having to use a pad an tampon at the same time to keep from having leaks ewww!!! I know. Thank God I had huge cysts and the partial hysterectomy! Pam
  11. SweetT

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    make sure that you turn the cup once it's inserted, to prevent leaks. I'm sure that having some layer of protection under it if you wait too long to dump it, because you got caught up in a line or something, also helps.

    I'm just really trying to save money and have emergency protection. With my illness and 2 adolescent girls at home, I might just run out of pads and tampons and need a reusable alternative.
  12. jens2angels

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    I've heard of them, couple girls I work with use them but I just can't stand the thought of having the stuff up there and having to retrieve it and all that. Just seems nasty to me!

    But everyone is different, so it may be the thing for you!
  13. budmickl

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    I agree! The best surgery for me was the partial hysterocomy (sp?) in 1992. I could have kissed the doctor when he told me that I needed the surgery.. After having my tubes tied in 1981 my periods were unbelievable. Beyond words. YUCK!!!

    When this thread first started, I rememberd in 1972 I tried something like the cup you are wondering about. At that time, I couldn't stand to use tampax so it didn't work for me.

  14. painterZ

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    the grass really is always greener...I've had polycystic ovaian syndrome, enlarged ovaries, and hormone imbalances my whole life. If I did get a period it was rare, months, sometimes years apart. I always just wanted to be like my friends. I PRAYED for my period. I totally wanted to shop for tampons. Sometimes I still do.

    I must say it doesn't sound so great reading your stories. Just thought you might find my viewpoint a little humorous.

  15. budmickl

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    It seems you have a cool sense of humor! So do I, I've been told.

    You said somewhere about getting another tatoo. What do you have now? I found the pain to be excruciating and swore I'd never do it again. But I have been thinking about it lately. I don't know why.. It really hurt like heck!

  16. SweetT

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    don't know what'll happen on the heavy days.

    the instructions tell you to practice on your last 2 days of bleeding.

    also, you do have to do alot of placement--------it requires alot of finger insertion, which means that you must be comfortable with your body and your menstrual blood.

    that said, you cannot do this comfortably in a public restroom.

    but the reusable, sanitizable mooncup and reusable cloth menstrual pads are a godsend for home use. I absolutely hate feeling that sweaty, itchy feeling of a disposable pad, and I hate having to wear tampons at home. Not to mention the money.

    Nowadays, we women need to spend the money that we would on feminine hygiene on gas for our vehicles :)
  17. hugs4evry1

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    As someone who almost died of Toxic Shock Syndrome (one of the first in the country to survive it, everyone else was dying) I urge you all to be careful with both the tampons and the cup thingy.

    The longest I wore a tampon was about 8 hours for overnight....please don't think it can't still happen, it does.


    Nancy B
  18. kriket

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    Sounds too grose. I think I will just stick to tampoms. Wonder what they did in the old days??? That just sounds unsanitary or something.

  19. morningsonshine

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    In the old days, they just kept themselves pregnant and breast feeding all the time!! LOL

    Don't ya just miss the good ole' days! :0)
  20. Greenbean7

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    Your "one sneeze" comment cracked me up! Thanks!


    Choose joy!