Has any one ever had a hair strand test done???

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    I saw it on tv a long time ago. I guess they take a few strands of hair and they test it to see what your body is lacking. I would love to have this done to see what it would say. But I don't know who does it and where to find them.

    Has anyone ever had it done or know more about it?

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    Hi Halo52208

    Yes, I know of a Dr. but he's here in California.
    His name is Dr. Phillip H. Taylor M.D. in Thousand Oaks perhaps he could refer you to a Dr. in your area or you could send him a sample but I beleive he needs to see you. I have not seen him (to far for me) but a woman recommended him to me who has been going to him for years and he has helped her. I know he test your hair for nutritional values you may lack. Your hair sample needs to be dye free for 6 weeks. He does like to use natural herbs which Pro Health has for sale.
    My regular Dr. knows of him & said he treats thyroids & to be careful if I choose to see him. But he said he was an okay Dr. for it's worth.
    I have his phone # but I don't know if it's okay to give it out on this site. Don't want to get deleted.

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    In 2003 my Naturopath ordered a hair analysis done for me, which we found very useful. It was called an Elemental Hair Analysis and was performed by Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory. It measured 12 Toxic Elements such as aluminum, lead, mercury, nickel, etc., 13 Nutritional Elements such as calcium, magnesium, chromium, boron, manganese, etc. and Additional Elements of Rubidium, Iron, and Phosphorus. The actual print out of the results were very easy to read and interpret as they charted your score and compared it to the reference range in an easy to read chart. As I recall it wasn't that expensive. There is probably more information on their website www.gsdl.com and they can probably refer you to a doctor in your area (or maybe you can buy the kit direct?). As I recall the hair has to be cut right at the scalp line and there are specific instructions as to what kind of shampoos, dyes, etc. have to be used (or rather not used) to ensure the test is accurate.

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    I've had a couple of hair tests done, one by Great Smokies through an ND like someone else mentioned. My toxicologist sent samples to a lab (I think Specialty Labs in CA) specifically to look for heavy metals.

    It's been a while since I've read anything on this but I recall being somewhat skeptical of the accuracy of these tests. Forensic scientists can use hair to determine if someone had been poisoned (eg with Arsenic). I think it's most accurate when a massive (lethal) amount of something has been suspected.

    However I get the feeling that it's not the best indicator of mineral deficiencies. If you are concerned about a Vitamin or Mineral deficiency, I'd just make sure you are eating well, drinking plenty of water and taking Vitamin & Mineral supplements for good measure.
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    I had one done by SpectraCell Labs. Maybe they can give you a local person who'll do the testing.

    It's a very indepth blood test, and gives you alot of info.


    P.S. don't remember, but am sure it's very expensive.
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    Obviously not awake!! I gave you the "blood test" info for minerals, vitamins, etc.

    My hair analysis showed my heavy metals, and other things that I'm obviously not awake enough to say.

    But the Great Smokey's Lab would educate you, and give you referral people as well.

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    My environmental doctor is big on them.

    You snip new growth only from your scalp line. it tests your mineral levels as well as heavy metal toxicity. I think it's a few hundred dollars.

    You can google online and find labs that will send you kits and you can do it that way. Great Smokies is just one. You don't seem to need a doctor to order, as it's an alternative test and not yet covered anyway. I think they are valid and should finally get around to doing it.

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    It helped a lot and I will check into it. Not sure if I want or could afford it. I was just curious to see what they looked for. You guys answered all my questions.

    Thanks, Halo
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    Yes, I get them done about every 3 months. I do them through SANASCAN. You can look them up on the web. It's $85 and you don't need a doctor to run them. You send them the hair and they send you a nice report with recommendations. They cover all the essential minerals and toxics as well, and they also do a wide range of secondary minerals...