Has anybody ever been admitted to the hospital for work up?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ritatheresa, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. ritatheresa

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    Just curious, I'm feeling frustrated due to all the running back and forth to doctors, I've missed quite a few due to the fatigue.

    Has anybody's Dr ever admitted them to the hospital to do a full work up? I just think it makes alot more sense,to get a good sense of what's going on.

    I'm just so tired of all of it, I've been back and forth since October and this is getting ridiculous.

    I don't know, might seem stupid, I know the insurancee companies would never go for it, it would just make things alot easier. (I think)

    I'm so tired, Ritatheresa
  2. laspis1

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    Unfortunately most of us are going or went through the same thing. I agree, It would have been easier, but unless it is some kind of emergency, I do not think they would do that. Maybe Mayo Clinic?

    I went to ER with a very bad reaction to Neurontin, I got ataxia. My skin was flushed, even my hands,my blood pressure was going up and down, and I had involuntary movements of my arms and legs. I was given Tylenol and sent home. Actually I went straight to MRI for which I was already scheduled.

    I was often so weak but I insisted on going thinking someone out there will figure it out. One time I went to the neurologist and could not sit on the chair in the waiting room. The nurses took me inside and let me lay down. I think the neurologist concluded I need a psychiatrist and told me he was once sick for six months and now he is fie, so jut go home and not worry about it.
    I know it is crazy, but hang in there.
  3. Cromwell

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    when I got the first symptoms and my doctor had me admitted to hospital in Truro (Cornwall) for a week of testing, every test one could imagine. He even had me have a room to myself, so I could sleep better! He also drove the 30 miles in most days to visit me in hospital and see how I waas doing. Once I got home he stopped by the house and checked me out for a good ten weeks afterward. This was a few years ago, and I know that although some British Docs still incorporate home visits routinely, some don't.

    I think you have to be 1) very rich and able to go to totally private hospital or 2) part of a research or 3) almost dead to be admitted to hospital here in USA. Maybe same in UK now too, depending on where one lives.

    Love Anne
  4. ritatheresa

    ritatheresa New Member

    I know just wishful thinking. I think it makes more sense to do it that way for so many reasons. Never gonna happen though.

    I don't get it!!! UGH!!!

    Cromwell you were so lucky to have had that Dr, that was amazing.

    Unfortunately health care is a business (total sin in my opinion), gotta roll with the punches.

    Thanks again, Ritatheresa
  5. kch64

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    don't realize the suffering this illness/es cause.

    they don't realize the pain and fatigue and extreme sickness.

    the doc I went too ran all kinds of tests, then I went to another, and he referred me to a neuro who ran all kinds of tests and so on and so on.

    I think part of the problem is that even doctors read tests differently. One may see a value and say "that's normal". Another will see the same value, and say, Oh your b-12 is low, you need shots.

    So, it's frustrating for sure.

  6. CAAnnieB

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    It IS so tiring, isn't it?!

    I was admitted to Stanford Hospital in 2003 for pain management/ treatment. They felt it would be better than trying to treat me as an outpatient. (I live 2 hours away.) Well, it was awful. When I was admitted by a Fellow Pain Dr; she said, "Yep...You have Fibromyalgia! (after doing an exam including the ol' tenderpoint test!) Not much you can do for that but diet & exercise!" Later in my stay, another head Pain Dr. informed me that FM is a Central Nervous System Disorder & that Narcotic pain meds are not the right way to treat the pain...While in the hospital, they took me off my Narcotic pain med, put me on an anti-seizure med (Keppra), educated me about stress reduction & exercise, gave me trigger point injections...and then sent me home to go into a wicked withdrawal from my Narcotics! They did NOT do ANY lab testing at all when I was there...AND, they put all their Pain patients on their Behavioral Psych ward! That was a lot of fun! (Talk about STRESS!)

    I think your best bet right now seems to be going to the FFC's or going to a Dr. who diagnoses & treats in a similar way. (Testing for underlying infections, hormonal imbalances, etc.)Your local hospital would probably be no use unless your Dr. was ordering a lot of the right tests while you were there.

    Sometimes I dream about being admitted to a hospital for just ONE day...put me on a Morphine drip & let me enjoy one, wonderful day of pain relief!!! I don't think it'll ever happen tho'... ):

    I hope you find just the right Dr. to help you find relief & healing.


  7. ritatheresa

    ritatheresa New Member

    I was actually scheduled to go to an FCC clinic, unfortunately money is a big issue. I wondered if I could just go for an evaluation and have my tests forwarded to my doc? Anyone ever heard of that.

    I'm just feeling so weary, each day is such a challenge. I know there is so much going on with me physically and it has been such a sloooow process.

    Trying to keep up with all the appointments is driving me crazy. I just feel like going to a hospital and saying HELP ME!!! And after that I'd be escorted to the door. :)!!!

    Thank God for this board, I know I am not walking alone, that helps me greatly. Ritatheresa
  8. Shannonsparkles

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    With the FFC, they do a physical exam and look at your symptoms with a 24 page questionaire. They also do lab work. For the names of the lab tests they do, look up the post entitled "FFC test list". Then you can have the lab work ordered by your doctor. Once the labs are run, you will have a clearer picture of what is going on and can start treatment.

    When you have the test results, you may choose to take them to an integrative MD or a holistic MD. That's about as close as you can come to using an FFC doctor without actually going. They use a natural/drug approach and know about conditions that doctor's aren't generally aware of. Some are better than others, so be sure to get a skilled one. Integrative and holistic docs are more expensive (here in Canada anyway), but they are generally more on the ball with us than regular MD's.

    If you can't get your MD to order the tests for you, an integrative or holistic doctor may be willing to do so.

    Has your doctor referred you to any specialists? Some of us are greatly helped by getting to the right specialist.

    Until this gets going, you can self-treat to some extent. Using the candida diet is good for anyone with CFS/FM (books on how to do this are available at the library). Taking natural anti-virals like garlic and grapeseed extract are a good idea, as we generally have a lot of infections going on. Everybody should take a probiotic. FFC reccomends, as a basic start to a suppliment regimen: a good multivitamin, 2 omega fish oil capsules per day (the mercury-free kind), and a probiotic.

    There are a lot of posts here about non-prescription substances that are available at the health food store and can help. Be sure to educate yourself before trying anything new; the internet is a good resource for this. There are natural products you can try that help with sleep, mood, digestive function, pain, fatigue, etc. Just look it up and ask our members.

    (((hugs))) Sorry this is being such a hard struggle. Hope this helps.