has anybody got any relief from acupuncture?

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    After a year of being footballed from one useless doctor to another and self-referring to a bunch of "promising" doctors, I finally was recommended somebody who specializes in CFS and Fibro only (and - oh miracle - she was accepting insurance).
    So, I saw her today.... I told her about my symptoms (forgetting 30%, even though i had them all written in front of me, but i was too embarrassed to read, because i was convinced she thought i was mental, because i mentioned that one of the so called "doctors" suggested to see a psychiatrist in response to my complaints about chronic fatigue and pains after 3 months)... She told me that there're "many approaches" but for me she recommended the following:
    1) acupuncture;
    2) Biofeedback (which she is aware i can not afford and the insurance won't cover so it's off the list)
    3) work with nutritionist from her office (even though i told her i'm fully aware what a well-balanced diet is and my diet isn't a problem, i just CAN'T EAT ANYTHING! period!)
    4) Savella (another SNRI, even though i told her my body can't tolerate SNRIs and SSRIs).

    My question is, dear CFS sufferers (and please please answer because you're my last hope) did any of you meet doctors with such CFS/Fibro approach and was acupuncture helpful for you?
    I'm skeptical about it and i also suffer from OCD. I can't tolerate the very idea of needles being stuck into my body. I mean, if that was that simple wouldn't we all be cured?

    I feel so horrible after visiting her office though. Came home and literally dropped (not sure how long i slept), couldn't move, felt so exhausted. I have this crawling sensation all over me again. I hope i haven't picked up something additional from her office. (I know it doesn't make any sense, but those of you with OCD will know what i'm on about).
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    I tried acupuncture about 20 years ago for my CFS. The guy who did the
    poking said he was from the Middle East and had cured his wife of CFS.

    Did me no good at all.

    But if you want to try it, there is no pain. The needles are extremely slim. Not
    like being poked w/ a sewing needle.

    The only symptom I have that has been treated w/ any positive results is
    depression. Nobody has even tried to treat the lack of energy, the sleep
    disturbance or the brain fog.

    Hope you can find something.

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    I had a few sessions of acupuncture about 5 yrs ago, but it didn't help me at all unfortunately. The needles do not hurt, they're so fine and barely go into the skin. They also sometimes connect a small amt of electrical current to the needles (feels like a Tens unit, kind of).

    I have a friend who swears by Acupuncture for migraines, she loves it. I figure I'll try anything (within reason) if I can afford it. It certainly didn't hurt me.

    Sorry you felt so bad after your Dr appt, the stress probably knocked you down. I know I've done that before, and also felt contaminated after sitting in the waiting room w a bunch of sick people!! Hope you'll feel better today....Hermit
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    I've been to 6 different Acupuncturists and finally settled on the best one and stuck with it for a year. (Stuck-lol)

    I kept being told it would take time to get well this way. It never helped me. I went to both Chinese and Japanese Acupuncturists, the Japanese use much thinner, smaller needles. Every needle hurt me every time. I was surprised I could handle it as I was afraid at first too.

    The Acu I stayed with for a year flew to an Acu CFS treatment Seminar just for me and she returned with a lot of treatment ideas and used them on me. I can't recall the name of the methods now, but I remember tiny bottles of substances in a CFS Kit she had bought. She was also creating herbal teas for me but I've found that Western herbal teas work much better for me. I am of European ancestry, maybe that's why.

    A year after I stopped trying Acu, I read that it doesn't help people with CFS or FMS because it's reliant on righting systems in our bodies and ours can't be righted. The best Acupuncturist I stuck with for a long time announced to me one day that my Internal Thermostat was broken. She was so sad. She told me that even her AIDS patients responded better than me.

    I hope my experience can help you.
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    I had several acupuncture treatments a few years ago, but since my insurance didn't pay for it, I gave it up. I think it's the type of treatment that you have to have quite often for it to work ( if it would even work at all). I wish I could have stayed with it, but it was just too expensive. As far as pain, I agree with the others that have posted. It really isn't painful even though it sounds like it would be. I know people that swear by it. If your insurance would pay, it might be worth a try.

    I wish you the best.

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    I have CFS. I've been to two acupuncture places. I did not find it helpful.