has anybody heard of this -DigestaCure??

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  1. mena76

    mena76 Member

    Has anybody tried digestacure? does it work or is it another gimmic?
  2. Nanie46

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    Hi mena,

    I just looked at their website. It says that DigestaCure is a food product containing no chemicals, no drugs and exhibiting no side effects. It says it is a 500 mg capsule containing pure, natural and concentrated immune modulators. They say that the company has cultured a "superplant" from the Aloe family that produces this modulating agent.

    It also seems very expensive.

    I would be wary of any product that seems too good to be true.
  3. mandelacat

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    I just completed my first bottle and decided not to return the second one that had been automatically sent to me. It is expensive and I can't tell what's helping me at this point. I am yet to be diagnosed, which is baffling in itself, but my guess is that I've developed some combination of autoimmune diseases as a result of Cipro antibiotic use in my past, triggered by surgery complications involving severe blood pressure drop, causing major systemic stress/shock. I am so desperate I'm trying every "snake oil" I can afford. I now on 10 mg. of Prednisone a day (nasty stuff) for inflamation and a 20mg. Butrans patch for pain.
    I .haven't gone through my retirement savings yet, but I was so miserable before, I wasn't going to need retirement money.
    I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but I am better, taking a rediculous amount of supplements every meal and looking forward (not) to a vegan-ish future (not a natural choice for me).
    Anxious to hear from anyone else on this topic.
    Good luck, Holiday