Has anybody taken a Pulmonary test?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gmom605, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. gmom605

    gmom605 New Member

    my asthma has gone out of control ,,been sick ,{PLUS}
    fibro have been acting up ,too so the the Dr. wants
    for me to take a pulmonary test ,today ,,,so anyone taken this test before? what do they do? how long does take?
  2. achy

    achy New Member

    Hate your having problems...asthma sucks, esp. combiined with FM.

    I've had the pulmonary tests...no big deal.

    For mine they had be breathe into a machine to get a base reading. You blow into a hose...like a DUI test.

    Then they put you into a "bubble room"...looks like somthing from the fair. A car like thing, completely enclosed, but all glass. Its filled with pure oxygen so the test is accurate. Once again you breathe into this machine, blowing as hard as you can to rate your lung capacity.

    They test you without meds, then you use your inhaler and test again.

    No pain, no stress. Doesn't take long - maybe 30 mins.

    Good luck and hope you find releif. Sucks when ya can't breathe

  3. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I had a different kind of pulmonary test. I used a mask and it was connected to a computer. I had to breathe all different ways and then the machine comes up with results.
    My test showed my lungs had 80% capacity.
    Also: I have heard that sleep studies will also measure pulmonary problems/or no problems. Good luck.
  4. HagerTX

    HagerTX New Member

    I've had a similar one but like one of the comments above, it was just 30 seconds like, blowing into some machine. I think I've had it done twice over the years.
  5. darude

    darude New Member

    I was tested and it took about an hour. In the beginning it was at 70% and then dropped to 36% ( which is bad). I couldn't keep up the higher reading so was diagnosed with COPD.
  6. gmom605

    gmom605 New Member

    Thanks GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT WENT WELL! i was a little nervous about that,,but

    i`m ok and out of 3 test ,,i didn`t do to good on the

    first one,,when he put meds. on for me on a haler i

    did better,, so i`ll go and see the dr. on the 28th.

    so he can tell me the results and see what meds. he`s

    going to put me on. ,,,but thank you again,,,gmom,,,

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