Has anybody tried ACTIVIVE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cupimick, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. cupimick

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    Hello, Friend:

    I haven't posted between having been in a major flare for over 6 months and having some really traumatic stuff. lost my grandmom and my furbaby Cupid was killed by an evil neighbor its been tough, just past two months.

    I've had to press charges cause she threatened to kill me and I have no clue what is her problem, but obvious mental. I always said hi and nice Deanna bought balloons as a nice gesture she had just had a baby girl early this yr. I don't understand people?

    I have one friend who known since HS and she send me an email that makes me so upset. She is healthy, financially well off, has a shore home worth over a million and has two sons. I call her I was very upset needed support and it upset me that she says I am freakin her out, Can you believe it?

    I've lost 7 yrs of my life, I grieve for the children I wanted to have,the career I had, the athletic person I was.

    I hope you can give me advice. like after trying it all, I saw this on the internet called ACTIVIVE They had testimonials from fibro sufferers who said they went from being on meds and disability to taking this stuff in pill form and it worked miracles.

    I am skeptical, cause there are so much they can advertise and its not true but if Anybody knows something about it please let me know , cause i am desperate and nothing is giving me relief.

    Thanks for listening, and hope you all have a happy holiday! PLease think good wishes as my husband is going for a job Thursday, and has to take three tests, I want hime to do well and get the job , we need some good news. . Keep us in your thoughts.

    Thanks and Hugs,


  2. Cromwell

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    Oh I am so sorry. I havae a friend of 12 years who has been cold shouldering us and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for it, so I have decided to just let her go as she is too demanding, has to right.

    Plus we once had to move due to a neighbor who threatened us this way.

    So I really understand and sympathize. The trouible is there is little the law can do. We just sold at a loss and moved. Turns out they had done this to three other people previously and it was a ploy to get the house cheap for their son.

    Love Anne STAY strong!

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