has anyone actually

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  1. clerty

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    got better from Lyme and what did they use ?

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    That's a million dollar question.

    This message board is just gettig a little more active, but the biggest that I know of is Lymenet flash medical questions. They do have posters who got better, and discuss the many different ways they did to get better.

    Everyone's so different, what works for one, wouldn't for another.
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    I agree with daisy - so many stories but there's no one thing that works for everyone, and not everyone recovers to the point of feeling 'cured/in remission' but grateful for any and all gains.

    From the stories I've read, some got better doing long term oral abx, others did not get better 'til they did IV abx; others did not, even tho they did that.

    Others have gotten better with one of the alternative methods, from the marshall protocol, Salt/C, Buhner, Cowden, Rifing, raw foods, etc.

    And there are still others that have only marginally benefited from any protocol or combination thereof.

    Many have also combined 'other' protocols for associated problems such as viruses (such as HHVs), candida, celiac sensitivity/allergy, hypoglycemia, etc.

    It is an extremely complex disease to work on, as you not only have to kill whatever variant of Lyme you have, you also have to kill whatever co-infections you likely have - and as hard as it is to test for Lyme, tests for those are even more unreliable. That's why a good clinician (LLMD) is invaluable...

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