Has anyone been dismissed by a pain dr.

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  1. browneyelady48

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    I was wondering if anyone has ever been dismissed by a pain dr, and if so, were you able to get in with another pain dr. Thanks
  2. MsOnlyMe123

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    No, Not by a Pain Doctor, but I was dismissed from a Primary Doc. and a Phyciotrist (sp) and Phycologist (sp). Only here in stinky Florida. I just can't believe this State and I hate it so much and need to get OUT.

    Browneyelady48, I see you are from FLorida too by your Profile, (havn't done mine yet),so I pretty much know how they work down here. If you want to tell me what happened, maybe I would be able to help you better. Since I've moved to Florida 4 years ago, I never imagined that Pain Docs. and Pain Clinics work this way.

    The first primary I went to told me right to my face "you are a pill head/pill pusher and told me to get out of the office. Then I got a "Certified Letter" from her stating that I had 30 days to find a doctor that could help me better. If I felt ill from the flu/cold, or something like that, that she would see me under the 30 days.

    I had no idea, how this State of Florida ran. A Primary would not give out pain medication - I didn't know. I had to find one of these Pain Doc./Clinics to be treated for my Fibro. I was only trying to settle down with a Primary Doc. because I needed one being in a whole different State. I brought all my records from all my Docs. from Massachusettes. I didn't know. What a terrible, to say the least, feeling I had from that visit. I do remember having Vertigo and the flu at that time and she wouldn't treat me.

    The two Phycs. worked in the same office and I got kicked out for being late. I was soooo depressed, going through a major life change, my myself, in another State, and they both kicked me out and to never return. They didn't even find me new Doctors. My tardiness bothered them and said I was a very dis-respectful lady. I remember the Phyciatrist (sp) wanted to admit me, that's how depressed I was. I wouldn't go to a hospital no matter what.

    This is the most terrible State I've ever experienced. Can't wait to sell this Condo and go back home with my family and friends. I hate it here!!!I just can't do it myself, I'm too sick.

  3. tcpolchies

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    More recently I had to dismiss a doctor for poor patient care. BTW: hes listed on this site for the tx of FMS/CFS related problems but while at consultation he stated to me that he did not agree with the government that FMS/CFS were true diseases. I had only signed up with him because my pcp recommended I try trigger point injections which he stated I didnt need, LOL! I was rushed - set up to have a test for carpal tunnel syndrome which I knew I already had since the state doc dx initially. So happens his stupid wife ran the test and she was rude and physically agressive during the test. SEE,...some are in it for the $$$$ insurance and not the pts. They try and make it seem as though your neurotic but its usually poor pt care. Needless to say I also got a 30 - day notice to find another doctor (a blessing in disguise). I checked up on this individual through the lupus foundation and not surprisingly he is not recommened due to other complaints on him. In speaking to the CSR rep at lupus foundation of NM she was well aware of his ethics and poor pt relations. I sent him a letter adn asked that it be kept on file for any future reference. I also asked that they take his name down from the referral on this site. I wanted him to know what a poor quality Rheumy he/wife are. The manager shared his attitude and she was also included in my formal complaint.

    Lupus foundation of NM sent me an email with several referrals of rheumys and docs that have hi ratings.

    See if that helps you any!


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    you should try this state- mississippi!!
    i have been dropped
    -kicked by atleast 5!!!
    and one dr told me he didnt want to touch me..
    another sent his lacky in to tell me that he wouldnt see me anymore
    and another also accused me of being a druggie,,
    , sooo, talk about an inferority complex now...
    but !
    my pharmasist knows that isnt true about me,
    and many of those doctors didnt want to fool with me cause of all the other stuff wrong with me
    and also since fibro has no cure-
    their dr pride didnt want to admit they couldnt really help me.
    except give out pain meds.
    . which now the drug police watch everything the pain doctors do now a days and they are scared to loose their licences.
    .. so we are left out in the cold.
    .. going from dr to dr...
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    I went to the ER because I was having a flare up of whatever illness I have (Im still undiagnosed),,,for days I was in pain and feeling ill, so I finally came into the ER. At the time, the only medication that was helping me was Percocet.
    When I mentioned Percocet to the doctor, he acted like I was nuts. He said something like "Im not going to give you narcotics."
    Percocet always makes me sick to my stomach, but at least it stopped the burning feeling on my skin.
    So anyhow, my husband asked the doctor why he wouldnt give me percocet and he said soemthing about it making things worse!
    All I wanted was to be out of that pain and I was treated like I was some drug crazy loser.
    Finally I got on neurontin and didnt have to ask for Percocet anymore.
    It makes me so mad that we are made to feel like we are just looking to get high!
  6. angelett123

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    it stinks that we are made to feel like we are just looking to get high when we are in horrible pain in our bodies. The doctor I had couldnt find anything wrong with me so I was sent home with some anti anxiety medication and was still so sick!
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    I've been dismissed by several doctors but the worst situation was the pain doc several years ago that I had been seeing for about 2 years. He had me on Methadone and Vicodan and it was the best combination so far. I actually almost felt human again. Anyway one day I went in and he told me he wanted to give me cortisone injections and I told him I wasnt comfortable with that and refused. He told me since I was "refusing treatment" not to come back. He gave me 2 weeks worth of my Methadone and told me I would have to get myself off of it and find a new doc.

  8. tandy

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    I figured as a last resort I'd ask for a referrel to a pain dr. since no-one else was willing to help me.
    It took 3 months to get an appointment!!
    but I figured,..I've waited THIS long,..I can wait a little longer.
    The pain clinic offered shots (I think cortisone?)
    I did'nt want that.
    Ultram was the best they could do for my pain.
    After a thorough exam and total waste of my time,..they give me ultram. !!!! JUNK

    Untill I read this post,.. I thought I was alone in
    being treated like a 'seeker'
    Like my conditions don't warrant pain medication.???
    I think SOMEONE needs to experience Fibro for a few weeks!! uuuuuggghhh!
    NY state is no better than yours.
    sorry we're in this mess.
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    I have been sick since 1993 and never had any problems with Dr's until this year, and I feel like I have been just kicked to the curb.

    I was seeing a pain dr for the pain management and first was put on methadone, and have always reqrited asking to be taken off it, but I did and went to darvacet which doesnt help much. With the methadone I felt like I had gotten a life back, and even so much as to get on a motorcyle and have a really bad accident.

    Then in March of this year I had to have my teeth pulled because my top teeth was crowned and in the accident most all of them was knocked out. I remembered I had some methadone left and the darvacet was not helping with all the dental work, so I toke some of the methadone (it was also the weekend). And then on Monday I had to go for my monthly appt to the pain dr and wouldnt you know it it was drug test for everybody. So I got dismissed (even through it was a rx that they had prescribed for me.

    Also had the time I was changing primary dr also, and here I am with a new primary and not happy with him at all. I hung with him for 5 months with his office tring to get me another appt with another pain dr and no result and when I complained he said "if I wasnt happy with his office I could find me another dr"

    My orthapedia dr for my wrist made me an appt with the pain management for the radio frequency for my neck and the now new dr has me an appt for pain management next week.

    My question, I dont lie very well and feel I need to go in next week and tell it all and as to why I was dismissed from the first pain dr. What do you all think. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long Brenda

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    It's amazing how these so called specialist treat us so poorly. I would advise anyone here who feels they have been treated poorly by there physicans/staff to voice ther concerns in writing to the Lupus/Arthritis Foundation as they provide patients with referrals. Let's let others know of these unprofessional, unethical misguided docors. It pisses the H _LL out of me when I hear they get away with it!

    Stiff upper lip....it's not us, its simply a case of poor quality care.

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    I have waited almost 3 weeks to share this experience with you all, because I was too upset to talk or write about it. But now I feel it's time after reading these posts. I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

    I have recently moved NYS, from NJ and was looking for a new Dr.in the very small town I live in. There is only one Dr.in town so I wanted to use him because otherwise I would have an hour drive to Binghamton.

    I saw him once for a neck spasm before I actually moved here. I discussed my fibro and asked him if he would be my PCP and would he be able to RX meds for me. He seemed a little hesitant, but said with the proper documentation, and if I saw a specialist as well, he would.

    When I moved here, I saw him again to follow up on a UTI. My urine tested OK.

    I told him I also wanted to follow up on my fibro and needed refills on some of my meds. I had copies of my records from my NJ doc in hand.

    He said loudly, you can't just hand me some papers and expect me to fill Oxycontin for you! (I hadn't even told him at that point what refills I needed.)

    I reminded him of what he had told me at my first visit.
    He then said very loudly "How you I even know therse are YOUR records?"

    I finally figured out that he had prejudged me and started to defend my self. I told him he could call my Dr. in NJ. He said, "How would I even know it was him I was talking to?"

    Now I'm on the verge of histeria. I said, I am not a drug seeker. I've had pain for many years, etc. etc.

    He said in a louder, meaner voice that I'm sure could be heard down the hall, " How do I know you're not a drug seeker?'


    I certainly agree with that. I had to stop oxycontin, which was not fun, but just didn't feel I could face that kind of treatment again.

    It's really not fair. Doctors are so darn concerned about their reputations but what about ours? In a small town like this, you know the staff will be gossiping about this.
    I feel my repution could be damaged.

    I am trying to put it behind me because harboring all these angry feelings doesn't do us any good. My doc from NJ wrote him a letter in my defense. I have an appt. in Binghamton, but I am really gun shy about seeing another Dr.

    I am glad to see I'm not the only one whe has experiened such discriminary treatment.

    I hope that someday we will have answers to the cause and treatment of this DD. Sorry so long.

    God bless you.

    Mrs Ed
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    Hi- I am in complete aympathy with you as I have been going through the same thing. Have actually spent the last couple of days crying because of the frustration. Finally have been recomended to a Pain Management clinic. hope that goes well. Listen hon, you can't give up. Just keep knocking on doors till you find the right one. Best of luck!! Mary
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    They can't possibly understand, if they don't suffer from the pain themselves. I can't count the times I have sat and listened to a doctor tell me the pain is in my head, or I just want medicine. I wish I could transfer my pain to them for just one day, then they would be more helpful, FOR SURE! I have spent some time sitting and crying from frustration myself. I am now afraid to call a new doctor for fear of being treated this way. We pay THEM (alot of money) to listen to us and help US! A large part of medical training should be on compassion.
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    My daughter called on her lunch break today, crying because she was in so much pain and had been to a new Rhuematologist (2nd one referred to by her primary) who told her he can't do anything for her fibro and that she should continue to see her primary, who of course, says she should see a Rhuemy. The last rhuemy told her that she should exercise more and go thru his 4 hr a day pt for 12 weeks for several thousand dollars. When she said she has to support herself (I'm disabled, too) and can't take the time off work to do that and can't afford it anyway, he dropped her, saying she was only looking for drugs. Her boyfriend told her he doesn't want her to work when they get married, but he is a senior at West Point and cadets are not allowed to marry until they graduate, so she has to wait till at least next spring. And then of course, being a lowest-ranking officer, he won't be making much, so he's stressing, too. Like so many others have said, she just wants the pain to stop and feel like a normal person. It's a shame that doctors who don't care about their patients have chosen that profession. They should have gone to law school instead.
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