Has anyone been dx with Ms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mahx, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. mahx

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    Several posts and threads are popping around about ms..connected to fibro.

    Although that is an interesting question...i am looking for pple who have been dx with ms...we can get to the other in future.

    I know one of our mods has ms...have not seen her in some time tho.

    Just wanting to do some brain picking.

  2. Aeronsmom

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    I was dx in June of 2005...it took forever to get that dx as fibro mimics M.S. anything I can do for you??

  3. Liven4God

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    I have! Get back to me sometime! GoodBye!
  4. Bren5

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    I was diagnosed with MS in 1997, got my Fibro diagnose in 2003. What questions can I help you with?
  5. fairqueen

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    I have a few questions, please. Did an MRI show any lesions on your brain? Does one side of your body go numb periodically? The left side of my face becomes numb very suddenly from under the left eye down my cheek and left half of my lips, left side of my throat, left arm and hand as if I've had a shot of Novacaine. It can last up to 6 or 8 hours and sometimes happens every two weeks, but sometimes there is a month between episodes. I've had an MRI of my brain which did not show any lesions, although they weren't testing for MS. They were checking to see if I'd had a mini-stroke. I've had a heart cath, MRA of my carotid arteries on the left side of my neck, an MRI on my cervical spine---all negative. But, it continues to happen. I have peripheral neuropathy, but this occurs on only the left side of my body, so it's not the PN. I haven't had any further tests for MS. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. mahx

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    In Summer of 97, I started having these little spells or episodes.
    My left side would go numb..become very weak,blurred vision,felt like back of tongue swelled up, speech slurred. Doc thought i was having mini strokes. NO to that.
    Eventually was told, it was small seizures from my migraines....which i have had since age 5. Has happened for years, to the point where left side is permanately weaker than right. Left hand never fully "wakes up".

    Last summer i was driving and i thought something was on windshield or glasses....a big blurr spot in middle of vision field. Kept blinking and looking harder...till could not see out of eye. After a migraine followed. Doc said ,,,from migraines..
    About this same time i began falling alot, over nothing---foot drag...stumble. Having a hard time swallowing.

    i know also get the numbnesss i face...like novacaine as someone mentioned .

    A few night ago...the numbness and weakness was on right side....1st time. I Was not able to swallow...began gagging...went sat on side of tub...thought i was going to get sick.

    Husband found me slumped over to the right up against wall......drooling. He got me to bed.....Had to spit for hours...could not make self swallow.. He gave me water...which went down on own...I couldn't make self swallow.

    I recently had an MRI...suspected MS....no lesions
    Doc was sure that i had it. Said we would repeat in a year.
    I have never had a spinal done.

    My questionis this...Does it sound like MS to you?

    I have read and read...and...and it does to me.

    Except, my flares do not last for weeks as i have read they do.

    It comes rather quickly...lasts a short time. The after effects...extreme fatigue....overall weakness.....cognitive difficulties...last about 4-7 days.

    Now, i also have cfs..fibro....so could be that. But, some of symtoms i have are unique to MS.

    I know something is going on....more than fibro

    I am just wanting to know...if this is similar to anyones story....who has been off dx.

    And, can you get a dx...with no lesions?

    What part does stress play ...in making symtoms worse/

    I believe in treating the symtoms, so a dx is not that important to me. I would like to know tho.

    Sorry for long post...and thank you for input.

  7. Chootik

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    BUMP for more into
  8. wuki1

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    Ma -

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2002. I had a flare up of symptoms that were very obvious so I was lucky to get a diagnosis quickly. My first symptoms were problems with right hand coordination, my right foot drop, problems with slurred speech and finding words, etc.

    The symptoms would come and go - foot drop for a few weeks and that would get better. Slurred speech for a few weeks, etc. I don't necessarily think that there is a specific "time frame" that symptoms last for MS. Like fibro, everyone is different.

    I have read posts on the MS board I visit that some people have "suspected" MS without the lesions on the MRI. I'm not sure that MS can be officially diagnosed without lesions however?? They did a vision test on me (I believe it is called evoked potentials?) and a spinal tap also to help with the dianosis. I also had a number of lesions too.

    Try this forum - there are quite a few people who have different symptoms that may be able to give you more info.

    Hope this helps!
  9. mahx

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    Thank you all for responding. I apologize..it has taken me awhile to get back here...you know how it is .

    I look forward to talking with each of you more.
  10. darude

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    I have 40 lesions periventricular and subcortical and was told NO i don't have MS. mmmmmmmm