Has anyone been to a Pain Clinic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shan1078, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    My Dr. has FINALLY decided to send me to a pain clinic after a year of no pain relief.

    I've never been to one, can anyone that's been tell me what it's like, or maybe what to expect. I'm I little nervous, but definately ready to go!!

    The Dr. that is sending me has told me in the past that "We just don't treat FM with pain med's" . I think that he's finally realised that he has not helped me at all.

    Also, do they prescribe pain medication at these clinics? I'm am so - so ready to get on some type of pain medication.

    Any and all info, will be great!!
    Thanks already!!
  2. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    Thank you for your great response. I think I'm going to write down all the different meds that I'm on, and what I've tried so far.

    I too, have been put on meds like, Lyrice, Neurontin, the Lido patches, Ultram, Muscle relaxers, etc. I'm very excited. And thank you for the tip on not mentioning any sort of medication myself.

    For sleep, I've been taking 2 Trazadone 150 mg,s at night for sleep. They work very good. Have you tried them. If not, I would suggest talking to your Dr. about them.

    Also, I didn't know that you could make your own apt. for a pain clinic. If I'd of know that, I would have been a long time ago!!
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    When you are looking for a pain clinic there are some things you need to ask of them. 1. ask if the doctor there believes in treating your pain with medications , such as narcotics, you don't need to give a name of a pain medication such a Lortab or the opiates. Doctors and staff at first will wonder why your asking about stong pain meds by name.

    The reason I bring up the point to ask about their treatment plan is I live in a town where we have to dcotors who treat pain. One treats with a lot of different medicaitions as well as injections.The other how ever does not under any circamstance's will prescribe pain meds for you so don't ask.

    But I go to the one who treats with pain meds. I would love to not need the relief I get from the meds I am on, but I can't have the steriod injections , or epidurals, and I have used a tens unit in the past and it did nothing at all for my pain. So that does not leave much other than pain meds to treat me with.

    But I would say find out about them as much as you can, from how they treat pain to what is there policy on drug testing. I too had to sign a form saying that I will see one doctor and go to one pharmacy for all my treatments and pain meds. This was not a problem for me. MY doctor is a good guy , he will talk your head off somedays but he listens to what you have to say.

    I would suggest that you make an appointment to get to know the doctor. You need to find a doctor that will work with you and listen to what you say and how you feel. Some personalitis don't get along . So I made a appointment to meet my doctor , we talked about how he treats pain , why he is a pain doctor and what his beliefs are about usuing narcoitics for pain.

    I really like my doctor and now after seeing him for over 3 years I can ask him about any kind of pain med I have heard of that may help me. But it took some time to get to know him well enough to ask questions like that. Remember that they are people too and they have their own way of doing things.

    MY doctor has started doing monthly drug testing on new patietns and some old one's as well. He felt that when a patient has been comming in for a long time and suddenly wants his scripts filled more often and says that they have lost scripts or have been stolen that it is a signal that some thing is not right.

    I don't have the drug tests as I am a different kind of patient. I go in and ask to have my strong pain meds reduced to take less of them. And I Plan to keep on doing this till I get to a point where I don't feel like if some thing were to happen to him I would feel good about going to another doctor.

    Don't worry I am sure that you will find a good doctor that will work with you well.

  4. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Do you have more than one choice???? See which ones are on your preferred provider list with your insurance company.

    See if there is a CFS/FM support group in your area . THE PEPOLE WHO GO TO THE GROUP WOULD BE YOUR BEST GUIDE to who works well with CFS/FM patients.

    Don't write down the list of your current drugs, TAKE THE BOTTLES WITH YOU. Remember these places are used to people exaggerating and lying about current medications. Take the bottles with---the more you calmly document with proof, the less you have to try to convince them.

    I'd personally not ask if they prescribe narcotics. To me, this sends up a red flag. I'd tell them your level of pain, they will ask you to describe on a scale of 0 to 10. They also usually have 4 diagrams, a picture of a human diagram one from the front and one from the back, and 2 from the sides. They will ask you to shade it in where your pain is located.

    From my experience at the pain clinic that I go to---it is the people who seem desperate for pain meds. that have the harder time getting them. You don't have to be nonchalant, but please consider not coming across as dependent upon drugs. I have to wait along time in the waiting room and I see the interaction between the staff at the front desk and various patients. I see the unspoken glances between the staff members when someone comes to the window who seems desperate.

    If the doctor examines you and it really hurts---and you begin to cry---that is OK. I'm trying to differentiate between behaving as if you are "addicted" (I hate that word) -----and just genuine pain. I'm not sure I've done the best job in helping you understand the difference here.

    Take along a list of drugs you have used in the past and whether they helped you or not. If you have the old bottles, you may want to take them along too. I'd write "worked" or "didn't work" on the bottles to help you remember.

    If you had a bad reaction to a medication, I'd also have that written down.

    If this list is extensive, I'd write them down and take along the bottles for confirmation.

    Why did you stay with a doctor who doesn't believe in treating FM patients with pain medications? The more I think about it, I hope he isn't sending you to a pain clinic who parallels his beliefs about painmeds. See if there is a support group. That is your BEST recommendation for good pain clinics and a good regular doctor to treat your FM.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. They may differ from someone else's experiences. I have had very positive experiences with my pain management clinic. I like my doctor who takes care of me there.

    Oh, the one thing I have come to realize from reading different people's responses to pain clinics is that you have to call for a medication refill waaay in advance because they don't refill on the day that you call.

    I'd also have a list written down of what things besides medications seems to help. What makes your pain worse?
    Do you see any kind of a pattern? Is it worse in the AM, PM, or does it make a difference? Questions like that---
  5. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I was referred to one 7 weeks ago. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. They are so kind and compassionate. Make sure you take with you any reports of xrays, scans other specialist reports, b/w etc. We have been working on adjusting my pain meds. It is a process but we are making head way. I have been treated with the most dignity and compassion from everyone. If I get in a jamb I can call and talk to my doc or one of his associates if he is unavailable.
    All the best.
  6. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    I've been going to a Pain Clinic for about 2-1/2 years now. Best thing for me. I usually see the Physician Assistant, every once in awhile, the doctor himself.

    The first time that I went in I had to sign a contract that said I would only get my pain meds there, (unless I was in the hospital for something) and get my meds at one pharmacy.

    They usually do a drug test everytime I go in (which is every 3 months).

    Also at every appointment, they give you a form to fill out ( least at my office) where you answer questions and there is a diagram of a person and you shade in where the pain is)
    also, you write in what has helped you and what hasn't helped you in the past.
    The only thing they do for me is give me pain medications due to my heart valve replacement, as if they do anything else, I would have to get off my coumadin and also I wouldn't be able to get on anything else, and my cardio doctor and the pain management doctor already had a go-around with that.

    I hope this has help alittle bit.

  7. shan1078

    shan1078 New Member

    First of all, thank ALL you guys for taking time out to give me such good information!! I'm really appreciative of this!!

    joyfully- I've had to stick with my current Rheumy because the one I saw before him was even worse! Also, I don't have any insurance. The price of all the blood work alone was nearly $2000.00. I am lucky that my husband has a good job, but, I'm paying out alot of money. So, it's hard for me to see different doctors because they all want to run their own tests and etc.

    I also think that you may be right about my Rheumy sending me to a pain clinic w/ his same beliefs about FM. I typed in "pain clinics" in the search above. I found a post from a member in 2004, that had actually gone to the same clinic that I'm going to. Her quote was "The doctor is not a big believer in pain meds". I'm kind of stuck now.

    rosemarie- I didn't get the option of picking my own pain clinic. The Rheumy I'm seeing is making the apt. for me. So, can I make my own apt. for a pain clinic?
    That would be GREAT! Hopefully, the Dr's at The Mays Clinic (the one I'm going to) have changed their views since 2004. I'm definately willing to take random tests, sign waivers, contracts, etc. It sounds like you have a really good relationship with your doctor. I have to admit, I'm a bit envious. I wonder if I would atleast be able to make an appt. of my own, to atleast sit and talk with the new doctor?

    Mary124, caffey, mustluvdogs, thanks for all your responses. I'm definately taking notes. I'll keep you guys updated on whats happening to me.

  8. springlakeorphan

    springlakeorphan New Member

    I started a pain clinic several months ago. The first visit was over an hour.Mostly he listened and asked about my different pain. He set me up with PT which really was a waste of time, but I did the program.No meds first visit. He schedualed an MRI, EMG,and a sleep study. After all the results came in, I went to see him. Meanwhile I was dying from pain!!!!
    After having PROOF of my pain, he put me on pain meds.
    I would advise not to ask for meds. RED FLAG for addict. Good luck and have a wonderful Christmas!! Mary

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