has anyone been to Dr. Bigelson

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rose515, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I am wondering if anyone has been treated by Dr. Harvey Bigelson in Nevada City, Ca. He is an MD who does alternative medicine -i.e. neurotherapy and osteopathy. I am interested in his approach but no very little about him.
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    Dear Ruby,
    My wife has seen Dr. Bigelson for over a dozen times. We went based on my wife knowing someone that was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, that was "cured" by Bigelson's methods. The majority of the first visits were positive. Many monumental and at the same time, subtle health shifts were seen by my wife. Some lasted for a week, and then most lasted for a few days and then she'd slump back into her chronic condition. The last three visits however, trust was lost between Bigelson and us. A lymph node was beginning to grow behind her ear, and she told him this at the onset. His response "Dont worry about it". By the third visit, he was distracted as he was training another Alternative practioner. He still didnt address her inflammed/infected lymph node. The last three visits cost us roughly $450-$600 each. We've spent thousands, literally on his visits. We wrote to Bigelson about our frustrations - he has so far not responded in person. He had his staff refer us to an ENT, "One that we could trust", and we know this ENT as someone that likes to use surgery to remove entire glands, versus treat the cause. Ruby, if you are to visit Bigelson, go in with open eyes. If you get better with his treatments, this may be your reason to continue. Be aware that he is very, very expensive. The first visit is close to $1,000. I pray that you get your health back, in which ever way you can. I hope this helps.

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