has anyone been to one of the neurosensory centers?

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  1. redtex

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    there is one near me and they claim to have new diagnostic equipment to get to the heart of what is wrong with us. just looking for anyone who has been to one. they apear to be a lot like the fibro and fatigue centers. thanks for any input.
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    Anyone been there?

    bump, please...

  3. redtex

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    surely someone has been to one of these centers
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    Are there any in northern California or even southern california? Desperate.
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    I googled neurosensory center and got the following website:

    Website pretty basic - looks like they are just developing it. But they've been around about 3 years. Locations are in Texas, Nebraska, Georgia and Indiana.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Angelimbo

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    Haven't posted in a long time. There is a branch of these centers that has recently opened in my area, and begun running TV ads.

    I went to the website, and find it to be so basic, that it concerns me.

    I would not even make an appointment unless I got a complete and thorough explanation as to both their diagnostic "equipment" and how it works, and also as to their treatment protocol.

    I am thinking of calling them to see how much info they will give me over the phone, without requiring me to make an appointment to get those questions answered.

    I surely was hoping to find someone here on ImmuneSupport, who had been to one of these centers. :(
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    my post has still not appeared on the main page???
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    Regarding FMS:

    "After many years of clinical experience, it is quite apparent that there is the possibility of reversing adult chronic inflammatory or demyelinating syndromes. In short, with our current state of understanding, creating a “healthier”, less inflammatory environment in the body will produce less nerve inflammation and allow re-myelination of nerves in many individuals."

    I would love to get my neutrophils re-myelinated. I wonder how they do that?

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