Has Anyone Benefited From This?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by teller7, Feb 20, 2006.

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    A friend of mine came to my house yesterday selling some juice that's supposed to be a miracle. It has alot of ingredients in it - black cherry, grape, blueberry and alot more things. I know last year some of you here on the board were trying a juice. My question is has anyone benefited from this? It's very expensive and I don't want to waste what money I do have on something that isn't going to make a difference. I need advice.
  2. I do know the juice you're talking of, but, I do not know whether it has any benifits or not, I'm sorry, I don't have any friends or family, etc that are personally familiar with it.

    A good rule to stick by though...people who come to your door, (first clue --door to door salesmen--even friends..preachers sell vitamins door to door..they don't work either! I know, I've bought some before... I'm still here looking for answers.)
    Another rule to stick by, the word "miracle".. if there were one, hon... we'd all be well, right?

    and, it won't come in a bottle of juice, when it comes... it *might*, I hear a member here, (stormyskye) has one *heck* of a recipe for a shake here that really helps members, ;-D lol... but, its just one of *many* things she uses to aid her in feeling better...

    But, someone should be along shortly to maybe help you with possibly more info, than I can give you with this, maybe some experience with the juice personally. I have only heard of it through people trying to sell it on my MS support chatroom that I belong to,

    Take care, & nice to 'meet you'



  3. I do know that some members swear by cherries, and/or cherry juice, for inflammation, they say it does help them, and I recently have been having my husband pick me up either cherries, at the grocery store, or cherry juice (with No additives or any bad stuff in it, just the plain old cherry juice). So, I'm giving that a try. I have a very bad digestive system though, and a lot of fruits & juices are hard on me, though, so I can only drink or eat a very little amount.

    Best of Luck to you whatever you decide,

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