Has anyone benn diagnosised from a tick bite that did NOT

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by ckball, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. ckball

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    have the bullseye rash. I have had a bad tick problem this year.

    I live in the country with 2 dogs. No matter how vigilant I am about Frontline and visuals, the are both white dogs so that isn't too hard, I would find a tick in my head many times.

    I have had CF and Fibro for 4 years. This year seems worse, so I am waiting to hear back from my Lyme test. Thanks, CK
  2. jarjar

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    Roughly 50 percent of the people who get lyme don't even remember getting bitten by a tick.

    I hope you are getting the Igenex Western Blot test as it is the most sophisticated test. Others miss 50 to 60% of lyme. Igenex does nothing but specialize in Tick test, they are the cutting edge test.


  3. victoria

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    Jay's right.

    In my family, we all have had tick bites over the 19 years we've lived where we currently still are... So far up til past year, only my daughter had anything obviously from a tick -- 14 years ago she got Rocky Mtn.

    Little did we know in 1992 that most likely she has other coinfections less immediately acute. We are on a learning curve, we're going to get her further tested; the only silver lining is supposedly she can't get Rocky Mtn again... altho a small percentage can, actually.

    So anything is possible...

    also anyway, most LLMDs feel that it is also transmissable thru mosquitoes, due to the patterns they see.

    I hope you have a good LLMD who will treat based on your clinical picture - my son's doctor started treatment right away without waiting for results, his herxing alone showed he had it.

    His tests have shown positive twice, 6 months apart, and the DNA changes in certain band(s) show he'd had it for at least 2 years already... one can be asymptomatic for years after a bite, no telling actually when he got it. But his symptoms do correlate to about 5 years ago.

    I'm doing the marshall protocol-- as I was already doing it (and getting results) when my son started showing symptoms , I have not been tested. My DH shows a lot of symptoms, I wouldn't doubt he has it... neither of us have had the rash either.

    Sorry for the rambling, lolol!

    all the best,

  4. annieoakley63

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    ck, I was diagnosed early this year with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and never had the bulls eye rash. I was bitten 2 years ago, went to the doc when my foot swelled and wasn't tested. When I went to the doc this past January, he thought I might have MS because of the symptoms. Test came back positive for RMSF.
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  5. housatonicman

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    I have access to states that only 30 to 40% of adults have the classic bulls-eye and that only 10% of children get it.

    The info from Victoria is again right on. There are many types of coinfections often present. And some of the "ahead of the pack" LL health pros are saying it can be and is transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes, other insects, breast milk and more. Some of this info is from a nurse in E. PA that studies and works with a large number of Lyme sufferers. It also apparently can imitate over 300 other diseases !
  6. kellyann

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    I was bitten many years ago on the back of my head, so I don't know if there was a rash or not. The tick was fully engorged when removed, and the site itched like crazy for several weeks. I never even thought to have anyone look at it. But I know that is when I caught Lyme. Nasty buggers!
    Take Care!

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