Has Anyone Completely Lost Their Appetite?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1Candee, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. 1Candee

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    I have not had much of an appetite for the last 8 months and consequently have lost 45 lbs. I have gone from 200 lbs to 145 lbs in what seems like a really short time. I'm not sure that this has been the healthy way to go except I am glad for the weight loss--makes it so much easier to get out of the tub w. FM/CFS LOL!!
    About the only thing I ever get a craving for anymore is eggs and I have a feeling that I may have an allergy to them. I read somewhere that the foods you crave when having FM/CFS are usually bad for you.
    I am open to any suggestions that you all may have on light meals that are easy to fix and healthy. Perhaps I'm just bored with my food--tend to get in a routine of eating the same things over and over.
    I went to my Doc about this loss of appetite thing and all he said was that I shoould be thrilled that I've lost weight and not to worry about it. Hubby says the same thing. Any input from you all would be much appreciated! (((Hugs))) Cat
  2. kerrymygirl

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    It was always hard for me to lose those 5 to 10 extra lbs. I was not really heavy ever. Now I have to fight to keep my wt. on, no med changes.

    Some meds side affects are lose of appetite.

    Same for me just like men, oh you look good you lost wt. Excuse me, it is how I lost it no dieting etc. Curious for me to lose 30 lbs. or more when it was always a big deal.

    If it was a guy they would check into why you are losing so much.

    I do try to drink health shakes and when they snuck some perdnizone into my injections about 10 lbs came back on which is not normal type wt.

    SO right now I have been so ill have forced myself to eat healthy but fatting things. Or the shakes.

    Go figure.....Huggggsss
  3. 600

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    Yes,I lost a normal appetite for food many years ago. I think in my case it has to do with a loss of smell caused by a broken nose and then becoming addicted to vick's nasal spray,which damaged my tissue. I believe it's a symptom of an underlying problem though. Once I start eating,I don't even know when to stop,and I find spicy foods will help you to eat more!
  4. baybe

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    Just the smell of food puts me off. I have to force myself to eat I have no appetite. I think it might be a bad year for allergies and lots of mold in my house. Being so congested and with a sore throat kind of makes me not want to eat. I also have a hyper sense of smell, sometimes the smell of things is so overwhelming I don't want to eat it. I just don't know why. I haven't lost any weight though. I have 30 lbs of Paxil weight and that just doesn't budge. Maybe winter will bring it back. Good luck to you all.
  5. jadibeler

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    bored with your food now, try going on the Hg diet!!

    I've always had a problem not wanting to eat, and I was thinking of posting the question "Do I have an eating disorder?" I don't eat - can't eat - until late in the day, even if I'm hungry to the point of nausea. I can't eat anything that doesn't appeal to me (hense the problem with the Hg diet) and often even the things I like don't appeal at the moment.

    But I don't lose weight (until now) and I always wondered why not - probably because I was eating mostly carbs and fatty meat (love the fat). However, I was sure I must be at least malnourished. Several doctors have known about this but never said a word.

    As for new recipes, go search Google for them. The internet is loaded with great sounding recipes. Type in "bread recipes", beef, chicken, whatever. Just about any ingredient you can think of. Amazing.

  6. angeldust

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    I sometimes have days when I have no appetite at all as a result I have lost weight. My Dr has said that some anti-depressants would fatten me up, but I cant tolerate any medication. My appetite does improve with a little exercise.
  7. fullarmor

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    tends to wax and wane. When i'm feeling well, i can eat like a horse, but when the pain is bad or i'm in a flare, i can't stand eating. i force myself to, but i'm sure it's not enough. I have a few recipes that are my "old standbys" and i make sure to have the ingredients on hand at all times, so i don't ever really have an excuse not to make a decent meal. I've found fantastic and simple recipes in the new bi-monthly cookbook by martha stewart, called "everyday food." the recipes are simple, and i honestly have liked every one of them i tried. You should order it off her website or check in a bookstore. HOpe this helps!
  8. kredca4

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    I lost 90 lbs in a very few months. I lost all interest in food, and the ones I did eat, made me sick, so I cut thoes out of my diet. I am not left with much Variety of food's, to eat, mainly chicken, although I can't eat egg's or have Mayo.
    I can eat Veggies that are steamed, like corn or carrot's.

    No Melons, grapes, fried food's, (gag on the smell), any kind of foods with MSG of course, I have to avoid all spices, no Tomato or sauces, etc. etc.

    I had a ton of test's, because at first, Everyone thought I had Cancer. Nope, only dx they could come up with, back then 7 years ago, was for IBS, which I already knew I had, and GERD.

    I went from a size 20w done to an 7/8 in 5 months, near as we can tell, I wore very Baggy clothes, so it was hard to tell.

    I have a Friend, who thinks that I'm Anexoria, maybe, but only due to my Having this Dam Fibromyalgia, no doubt in my Mind. Heck I was eating everything before the FMS/MPS made my Life Hell. ;o(---*

    And I do Forget to Eat.

    When I first came here 3 years ago, no one else had this problem, and there were a lot of [post's] by folks that just couldn't understand how someone could Forget to Eat.
    I don't understand it either, but over the 3 plus years that I have been here, I have read a Lot more of these Post's, about not being able to eat, or having excessive weight loss. So it must have a link to this FMS, now, How is another Question.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    have you all had your adrenals checked? I know you're not boucning off walls, but maybe it has to do with that system.

    The only times I've lost weight without trying was when I was stressed out. It was as hard to eat as it is to not eat. Eventually my adrenals sort of burned out - feel like it's gone the other way, now, altho tests are 'okay'.

  10. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    Yes, I did, and everything is fine. I know or rather suppect it's a FMS symptom, when test's are run on me, for other condition's, and they come back neg. time and again.

    Maybe some of the other Poster's might check into this possibility also.

    FMS. mimics other condition's, symptoms, that is why I never just chuck things off as having FMS, first, I see my Doctor, even If I do drive them crazy, lol, I do have understanding and very Co-operative Dr's, who really don't mind, my asking for Test's for something that might be another condition. So far tho, it's always the dd.

    Also, I wasn't on any Med's at the time, I even smoked Pot to help me eat. It did for awhile, but even that is not giving me, "The Munchies".
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  11. todayisagift

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    But if it makes any sense I don't like to eat it's annoying to me now. Because I am told by my acupuncturist the way I'm eating is contributing to FM. The carbs etc. She is trying to get me to eat more protein and vegetables and less of what I was eating which I can't even tell you how hard it is. I have to give her a food diary every week and it pains me to hand it in cause I mess up every time I just can't do it. I don't eat a lot but when I do its not enough veggies and too much carbs. I have learned a lot by what she has told me so I try to watch at least
  12. matn

    matn New Member

    I also experienced a complete loss of appetite with nausea along with a host of other symptoms when I became very ill with CFS & FM. I believe it is normal response from your body to indicate that you are consuming something that is not compatible and potentially damaging to your specific biological makeup. If you were to knowingly consume a poison, your body would do what it could to reject it and loss of appetite is a step in the right direction. I have recovered from CFS by totally changing what I consume and eliminated any additives & treatments. I basically include the foods listed in Eat Right for Your Type by P. D'Adamo and I only consume food, condiments and water that are TOTALLY unprocessed. Once my digestive system started to function properly, I was able to absorb the nutrients and building blocks needed to synthesize the proteins that are required for proper metabolic processes such as those processes performed by neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters were responsible for return of my appetite. Please note that I could not consume any vitamins, drugs or supplements because they all made me extremely ill. I recovered by consuming real, unadulterated food and water which is very difficult to obtain in today's highly processed environment.

    EZBRUZR New Member

    none here.
    Nine months about 100 lbs loss.
    DR pretty much like,not under weight why question it.
    Must pretty much be forced to eat. HATE it!!
    hands do not work well,fork&knife issues!When I drink,must use straw. Today tried HotApple Tea.After renaming myself Spot,for spilling so much,used straw with hot drink,first for that.putting glass or mug to mouth and relying on My strength and balance is BAD idea! SPILL ALL OVER ALWAYS!!

    Oatmeal & Soups are welcome,not much of a chewer or swallower either.

  14. 1Candee

    1Candee New Member

    I can see that I'm not alone here. Thanx for the replys and info that you sent my way. Stress could be a big part of the issue with me. I tend to get in a vicious circle of stress and worry over these DD's which makes all of the symptoms worse. It seems like every waking moment that my health is on my mind and how bad I feel. Then I get major anxiety over wanting to do things and not being able to.
    I quit my job a year ago after more or less just throwing up my hands and saying I couldn't take it anymore. I feel so purposeless at times as I'm sure you can all relate.
    I have been known to be too tired to chew also and that's when I reach for the soups and soft foods. Sorry to be so whiney tonight---my birthday is coming up on Friday---52 yrs. and don't really feel in the party mood. My daughter will be 21 on the 7th so we're combining our birthdays out at the lake. Wish me luck on that one!! (((Hugs))) Cat
  15. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    Not me, I don't think any of us who are losing the weight like this, are Thrilled about it. It seems to "Thrill" thoes around us who thought we were to Heavy in the First place.

    I just weighed myself since this post started, and I'll be Darned, I have lost another 4 lb's, and I just bought a New Dress for my Reunion this month. Good thing I didn't take the "Tag;s" off, so I can return it, but you just Know there won't be an 8 in the same style. Crap!
    Yeah I'm real thrilled to lose the weight.

    I have to laugh when well meaning People, say thing's like well you have to eat. Gad's I hate that, BTW, I have Siblings who are overweight, and they know better than to tell me to Eat. If I could I would.

    I hope you didn't mean to insult us, If I seem touchy, I'll tell you why. I recently went on a Vacation, and all my "Friends" could focus on, was the fact that I don't eat what they Can eat. They didn't understand that I can't eat a lot of Food''s because they make me Sick.
    It totally put a Damper on my Fun, I was forced to eat, and I got sick on my way back home. So that's why I get upset when other's say things like, You Have to eat, Yes we do, and I eat what I can.

    I also cannot drink thoes Protien Drinks, have tried, but they make my "Gut" hurt, even my Favorite, Chocolate Malts, now make me sick. What happen's, when I say sick, is,
    I get a bad Tummy ache, like when your a child kind, and then 8 hours after getting the Cramps in the Gut, I throw Everything back up. Sounds like fun huh? No I don't stick my finger down my throat. It's not that kind of Not wanting to eat.

    It's hard for other's to understand, and if a person is overweight, I know they really don't think that it's a Problem, well it is. I have had all kinds of test's, Nasty test's, just to come up with neg. result;s, even my Dr's don't understand the problem.

    As long as I don't get down to say, 100lb's, I would be alright, but, then I would be put on an IV, and I Hate Needles, as much as I hate having to Throw up, or have the "Big D", I have IBS, GERD, that's all they can find after 7 years of seeing every kind of Doctor,.

    Well I hope that Clears up, as to Why it Hurts when folks say thing's to me about "Eating", I have been plagued with that All my Life. I have always been skinny, and during the 8 years that I weighed 190lb's, I think that was when the FMS started, and that was part of the begining Symptoms, un-explained weight Gain.

    Thanks for the Suggestion, hope I didn't Offend anyone, but I want you to understand, not Being able to eat, for whatever reason, is no fun, and I don't know about other's, but I get Picked on about it, and no one has the right to do that to me any longer. Achy, I Know you weren;t being that way, but it does feel lousy when others say things like that. So just wanted to get that off my Chest.
    It's been bugging me since my Trip,I almost decided not to go to the Reunion, but then I remembered, Thoes Classmates of mine, have only Known me as Skinny, so ok, Maybe that can be my "Silver Lining" over this Cloud of Doom, that I have been feeling. At least I still look the same, Yeah right, lol, lol.
    Thanks for just letting me Vent a little about losing weight, it's something that isn't talked about much, but it eats at me, just as this "DD" does. Doctor's don't Understand that one either.


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    EZBRUZR New Member

    Not CRAZY about my Loss.must say, sitting here in size 7 when it was 22W in November is nice ,as well as Not.

    My body will CRAVE things. Oddly,when I am in tune and Listen,I hurt less,vomit far less,and at times feel OK about not eating. It IS VERT difficult as *social* gatherngs or *Family* Dinners,so Many well meanig people WANT you to EAT. One day ,I may loose it and through food at them(show my true SELF),until then I smile,nod*no ,but thank you for Offering.*
    I am still looseing weight at present. A very High portion of my Gain was due to these Maladies, 20lbs more off would put me at Navy Weight at 20. I will be 35 in 10 days and have NO where Near the Energy I had to Stay that Fit.for now I will accept mine as part of this Issue,loose much more, may worry .


    Keepin it Natural
  17. illumine27

    illumine27 New Member

    I only just got a diagnosis of FM--but I've been doing the doctor hop for about 3 1/2 years now--& many of the symptoms I can trace back to my teen years (I'm 32). At any rate... I've seldom had much of an appetite, although it's gotten really bad over the past year or so. I'm NEVER hungry before at least noon & often I slip thru the day till dinner time without eating... mostly because it seems like I feel sick/nausea whether I eat or not & it's usually worse after I eat... I've been eating as close to strictly unprocessed foods as I *can* & eating low carb... lots of good cuts of meat & fresh fruits & veggies... etc etc etc--it truly doesn't seem to make much difference in my appetite. My doctor told me to exercise exercise exercise when I was diagnosed... so I've been swimming for 10 minutes every other day (10 minutes is a STRETCH too! my muscles are sooooo weak). The part that is extremely frustrating is... I have always BEEN active--it was only just recently... like last fall that I began to notice that anything really strenuous would put me down with the "flu" for 3-5 days... I'd feel a bit better, resume my aerobics & get "sick" again... So I dropped the strenuous stuff & kept up with my yoga... I even took short walks w/ my 4 & 5 yo's about 3 times/week. So it's not really like my body was so "deconditioned" you know??? My muscles are just so weak & often it's that weakness that is painful... if that makes sense? Anyway... I've been sticking to the swimming for the past month even though I've noticed that on the weeks when I go 2 days in a row--I feel like crap... and even though my body is screaming at me--arms & legs feeling like they are soooo very weak that pulling me thru the water for ONE more lap will be too much... I do 5 minutes & rest a minute & then do 5 more minutes. The thing is...
    You'd think after a MONTH that I'd at least have a *little* more stamina!! Or that it'd be boosting my appetite... or helping me sleep better or SOMETHING!! Nope... instead still this morning even blowdrying my hair was a monumental effort (I work today).
    It's just SO frustrating is the thing!!
    didn't mean to vent--just wanted to say that yeah--I'm also one who more often than not "forgets" to eat... or I wind up forcing myself even though I don't feel hungry--but I *know* I have to eat something...
  18. illumine27

    illumine27 New Member

    Also wanted to add that I have TRIED forcing myself to eat often thru the day for an extended period of time... thinking that might be why I felt so stinkin' weak... it didn't help. I just wound up feeling sick to my stomach all the time ya know?
  19. mrstired

    mrstired New Member

    I have completely lost my appetite this year and have lost 35 pounds as a result. I used to love eggs, now the smell of them can make me gag along with many other foods I used to love. I am constantly nauseous with an acid stomach, but I force myself to eat anyway because I don't want to loose anymore weight. It is comforting for me to read that I am not the only one experiencing this. I drink Ensure weight gain to help me maintain my weight and eat several small meals or snack throughout the day to get food down. Once my stomach tells me I'm full I can't take one more bite or it won't stay down.
  20. sunshine8957

    sunshine8957 New Member

    I've lost 24 lbs since last November, but that was new weight gain before major, major flare. Prednisone didn't help either and I was on that quite a bit between Dec '01 and Feb '02. Ditto on smells and the look of food. I'm sure I would have lot more if I was hooked on chocolate and other sweets. I know this isn't good, but ohhhhh I am in heaven when I eat sweets - It takes my mind off everything else and I all need a little reprieve now and then (except mine is daily) LOL

    Lots of soft hugs to all of us,